Rag Doll in a Rag Bag

Rag Doll in a Rag Bag
Target text


Read and write words that end in –ag.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • rag
  • tag 
  • wag
  • drag
  • snag
  • bag


  • Scraps of old (clean) cloth to tear into rags (e.g. pieces of cloth, towels, or handkerchiefs)
  • Make a Rag Doll:
    • Rag Doll Instructions
    • Flat rag doll pattern
    • Rags, markers, and rubber bands
  • Bag(s) (plastic, cloth, etc.)
  • Tag graphics
  • Rag Doll in a Rag Bag target text
  • Word cards
  • Word blending cards

The children will find the rag doll in a rag bag, and that they will read and write words ending in –ag: rag, bag, tag, wag, drag

Literacy Activities
Find a rag doll in a rag bag

  • Make a rag doll (pick one of two options): 
    • Make a rag doll by tracing the rag doll pattern onto a scrap of cloth and drawing on a face.
    • Make a rag doll by using a scrap of cloth and rubber bands to tie off a head, arms, and legs.
  • Put the rag doll in a bag.
  • Read the target text Rag Doll in a Rag Bag to the children then reread the text, acting out the story:
    • Make rags for the rag bag by tearing scraps of cloth into strips.
    • Write “rag bag” on a tag and attach it to the bag.
    • Put rags in the rag bag.
    • Let the rag doll pop out of the rag bag.
    • Write “rag doll” on a tag for the rag doll.
    • Let the rag doll play with the rags in the rag bag.

Play Rag Doll Tag game (similar to Duck, Duck, Goose)

  • Have the children sit in a circle, choose one child to be the tagger and give him/her a rag doll.
  • Have the tagger walk around the circle, gently tapping each child on the shoulder and waiting for that child to read their -ag word aloud.
  • When a child reads the word rag, the tagger drops the rag doll behind that child and starts running around the circle.
  • The child picks up the rag doll and chases the tagger around the circle, trying to tag him/her before he/she sits down in the open seat.
  • Invite the children in the circle to pass their word card 3 times to their right, let the new child be the tagger with the rag doll, and repeat the game.
  • Play as many rounds of the game as desired.

More Practice
Identify, blend and manipulate sounds

  • With word blending cards, have the children make new words by changing either of the consonants or the vowel:
    • rag → tag, wag → lag, bag → sag, drag → flag, tag → snag
    • drag → drab, tag → tab, rag → ran, bag → bat
    • rag → rug, jag → jog, bag → big, lag → leg 

Read target words in texts

  • Read the target text Rag Doll in a Rag Bag together as a class/group. 
  • Read the target text again fading support.
  • Have the children underline the words that end in –ag.

Write about the activity using target words/patterns

  • Give the children whiteboards and have them write words from dictation, changing one or two letters each time to make a new word: rag, rug, tug, tub, tab, tag, wag, wig, win, bin, big, beg, bag, sag, sad, lad, lag, leg, log, dog, dot, jot, jog. 
  • Engage the children in interactive writing about their experience.
    • Review target words and phrases from the activities, then present sentence completion prompts incorporating those words and phrases (provide support as needed).
  • Examples of sentence completion prompts: 
    • I made a _____ (tag) for a _____ (rag) _____ (bag).
    • I like to make rags for a _____ (rag) _____ (bag).
    • I saw a rag doll in the _____ (rag) _____ (bag).
    • I played _____ (tag) with the _____ (rag) doll.
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SEEL Target Texts

Rag Doll in a Rag Bag

We made rags and put them in a rag bag.
We put a tag on the bag that said, “rag bag!”
When we went to get a rag, out came a rag doll!
We took the rag doll out of the bag.
We put a tag on the doll that said, “rag doll.”
We let the rag doll play with the rags.

Rag Doll Instructions

Flat rag doll:
Use the rag doll pattern (see below) to trace an outline of a doll on a scrap of cloth.
Cut out the rag doll.
Draw a face and clothes on the rag doll.
Folded rag doll:
Take a large scrap of cloth and fold it in half.
Bunch the cloth into a ball at the center of the fold and put tissue in the ball to make a head.  Wrap a rubber band around the ‘head’ to secure it. 
Bunch the cloth at both sides of the head to make arms and secure with rubber bands.
Trim excess cloth.
Cut a slit at the bottom of the doll then bunch the cloth into two sections for feet and secure with rubber bands.
Draw a face on the rag doll.
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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.