tick tock goes the clock!

Tick Tock Goes the Clock!

Tick Tock Goes the Clock!
Target text


Read, write, and differentiate among vowel sounds in words that end with –ock, –ick, and –ack.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • clock
  • sock
  • tick
  • stick
  • pack
  • sack


  • Timer or two sticks
  • Picture cards
  • Three sacks labeled –ock, –ick, and –ack
  • Letter cards
  • Sticky notes or small pieces of paper
  • Tick Tock Goes the Clock and Stack and Pack texts
  • Tick Tock, Clock by Margery Cuyler (HarperCollins, 2012) (optional)

While a clock goes “tick tock,” the children will pick up, stack, and pack objects that end in –ock, –ick, and –ack: clock, sock, tick, stick, pack, and sack.

Literacy Activities
Pick up

  • Read the book Tick Tock, Clock and have the children listen for words that end with –ick and –ock (optional).
  • Invite the children to shadow read along as you read the Tick Tock Goes the Clock text aloud. 
  • Scatter the pictures of objects ending with -ock, -ick, and -ack around the floor.
  • Start the timer/hit the sticks together and have the children try to pick up the objects before the timer dings.

Stack and pack

  • Help the children read the word on each picture card.
  • Mix up the picture cards and tell the children they will sort the cards into stacks according to the ending sound (e.g., place rocks, socks, and blocks together in a stack; place sticks and bricks together in a stack).
  • Start the timer/hit the sticks together again and allow the children to stack the pictures. 
  • Have the children pack the stacks into corresponding sacks labeled –ock, –ick, and –ack.

More Practice
Read target words in a text

  • Read the text Stack and Pack together with the group. 
  • Have the children underline the words that end with –ock, circle the words that end with –ick, and draw a box around the words that end with –ack.
  • Read the text again fading support.
  • Repeat with the text Tick Tock Goes the Clock.

Identify, blend and manipulate sounds

  • With letter cards, help the children make new words by changing the vowel in each word:
    • tick tock; stick stack
    • sack  sock; pack pick
    • lock lick; block black
  • For each of the words the children make, have them produce the sounds for each letter and then blend those sounds back into the word.
  • Have the children identify the vowel sound in each word.

Write the target words

  • Create a word wall of words from the activities that end with –ock, –ick, and –ack (i.e., clock, sock, rock, tick, stick, brick, stack, pack, sack).
  • Have the children write words from the word wall on sticky notes or small pieces of paper.
  • Have the children mix, sort, and stack their papers into piles according to the word ending.
  • Have the children complete sentence completion prompts using words that end with –ock, –ick, and –ack. (e.g. I like to ___ (stack) and ___ (pack) socks; I can pack a ___ (rock) in a ___ (sack).
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SEEL Target Texts

Tick Tock Chant

Tick tock goes the clock.
Quick! Quick!
Pick up!
Pick up socks, locks, and rocks.
Pick up bricks and sticks.
Tick tock goes the clock.
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