dan the gingerbread man's plan

Dan the Gingerbread Man's Plan

Dan the Gingerbread Man's Plan
Target text


Blend a beginning consonant or consonant blend with -an to make words.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • man
  • ran
  • can
  • van
  • fan
  • plan


  • Two notes from Dan the Gingerbread Man*
  • Set of clues*
  • Can
  • Gingerbread man cookies or gingerbread man pictures*
  • Sign of a hand*
  • First Aid sign* (optional)

*Items included below.

The children will follow the clues from Dan the Gingerbread Man and then add sounds to the -an ending to make words such as plan, man, ran, and can.

Literacy Activities
Dan the Gingerbread Man’s plan 

  • Print out Dan’s notes, the set of clues, the sign of a hand, and the pictures of the gingerbread men if needed (all found below). 
  • Set up the scavenger hunt throughout the classroom or the entire school by placing Dan’s two notes and the set of clues in the indicated rooms or areas of the classroom:
    • Place Dan’s first note and Clue #1 near where you put the hand sign.
    • Clue #1:  put with Dan’s first note to start the scavenger hunt.
    • Clue #2:  place in the school library, classroom’s bookshelf, or reading area.
    • Clue #3:  place near art supplies.
    • Clue #4:  place near a CD player or any musical instrument.
    • Clue #5:  place in the school cafeteria or on a pot or other kitchen utensil. 
    • Clue #6:  place in the school nurse’s office or by a First Aid sign (found below). 
    • Clue #7:  place by a fan or at a center where children can fold paper fans.
    • Hide Dan’s final note and the gingerbread man cookies or pictures inside a can and place it near the hand sign too.
  • Have the children come stand around the sign of a hand (found below) while you hold up your hand.
  • Read the words on the sign while pointing to them and explain that they will receive the first clue when they stand still. 
  • Have the children read the sign with you as they stand still.
  • Show the children Dan’s first note and read it with them.
  • As a class, follow the clues that will lead to the different locations.
  • Once the children have followed the clues back to where the plan began (by the hand sign), have them look for the can to find the final note from Dan.
  • Read Dan’s final note with the children.
  • Instruct the children to stand in a line so that they may receive a gingerbread man (cookie or picture).

More Practice 
Write -an words 

  • Ask the children to think of words that end with -an.
  • Write the first letter and then make the sound together.
  • Have a child write the -an ending and read  the word together.
  • Have the children circle the beginning consonant or consonant cluster in one color, and then circle the -an ending in another color.

Write about the experience

  • Make a word wall of -an words (e.g., hand, band, stand, can, ran, pan, plan, fan, man, tan, land).
  • Have the children write a short note to Dan the gingerbread man about their experience following Dan’s plan using as many -an words as possible.
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