let's get set

Let's Get Set

Let's Get Set
Target text


Read and write words that end in -et.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • let
  • get
  • set
  • forget
  • fret
  • bet
  • yet


  • Real or pretend baguette or loaf of bread
  • Let’s Get Set! target text
  • Letter cards
  • Book: Nanette’s Baguette by Mo Willems 

The children will act out a play about a baguette (a long loaf of bread) as they read and write words that end in -et, such as get, let, set, bet, yet and forget.  

Literacy Activities
Read the book Nanette’s Baguette

  • Ask the children if they have ever had to get something at the store.
  • Read the book Nanette’s Baguette by Mo Willems to the children and explain that a baguette is a long loaf of bread.
  • Introduce the Let’s Get Set! target text, based on the Nannette’s Baguette book.
  • Divide the children into four groups and assign each group a character’s part to read (i.e., the mom’s part, child 1’s part, child 2’s part, or the clerk’s part). 
  • Read the script aloud together, having each group read its part.
  • After reading the script, invite a few of the children to act out the parts while the other children listen for words that end in -et.
  • Ask the children what words they heard that end in -et. 

More Practice
Read target words in a text

  • Engage the children in simultaneously reading the Let’s Get Set! target text with you and then read it again, fading support.
  • Ask the children what words they found that end in -et and write them on the board. 

Identify, blend and manipulate sounds

  • Let the children make a target word (e.g. get) from letter cards and then let them make different words by changing either of the consonants or the vowel.
    • Change the beginning sound(s): get met; met let; bet wet
    • Change the vowel sound: pet  pat; get  got; bet bit
    • Change the ending sound(s): pet  pen; get  gel; bet →​​​​​​​ beg
  • For each of the words the children make, have them produce the sounds for each letter and then blend those sounds back into the word.

Write about the activity using target words and phrases 

  • Display the target words on a word wall.
  • Refer the children to the -et words on the board and have the children write some ideas from the lesson activity or target text (e.g., Let’s get set to jet.).
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SEEL Target Texts

Let's Get Set!

*Reader's Theatre script
Based on Nanette's Baguette by Mo Willems
(At home)
Mom:  Want to get a baguette?
Children:  You bet!
Mom:  Get set.
(On the way to the shop)
Child 1:  Are we there yet?  
Child 2:  Not yet.
Child 1:  There yet?
Child 2:  Not yet!
Child 1:  There!  We can get a baguette!
Child 2:   Get set to get a baguette.
(To the store clerk)
Child 1:  Can I get a baguette?
Clerk:  You bet!   Here is your baguette.
(On the way home)
Children:  Yum!  Yum!  
Child 1:  Oh no!  No baguette.  We ate the baguette.
Child 2:  Should we fret?
Child 1:  Will Mom get upset?
(At home)
Child 1:  Mom, we do not have the baguette.
Child 2:  Don’t be upset.
Mom:  Did you forget?
Child 1:  No, we ate the baguette.
Child 2:  Can we get another baguette?
Mom:   Yes. Don’t fret. Don’t be upset. Just get set to get another baguette.
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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.