A Pig Can Dig

A Pig Can Dig
Target text


Read and write words that end in –ig.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • dig
  • pig
  • twig
  • jig
  • fig
  • wig


  • Aluminum cupcake/muffin tin (with 6 spaces) filled with dirt
  • Picture cards
  • Word cards
  • Sentence strips
  • Pig wig
  • Plastic spoons
  • The Pig that Digs and Digs target text
  • A 3x5 index card and 3x3 sticky notes

The children will pretend to dig like a pig as they read and write words that end in –ig such as twig, big, jig, and fig.

Literacy Activities
Dig like a pig 

  • Set up a cupcake tin with dirt and picture cards partially covered in the dirt. 
  • Give each child a spoon and a wig with a pig snout to wear. 
  • Help the children read sentence strips about what they should look for while digging:
    • Dig, pig! Look for a twig!
    • Dig, pig! Look for something used to dig!     
    • Dig, pig! Look for kids dancing a jig!       
    • Dig, pig! Go find a fig! 
    • Dig, pig! Go find a wig!
    • Dig pig! Go find a pig!  
  • Let the children wear a wig, dance a jig, and dig like a pig as they search the dirt for pictures of the items named in the sentences.

Dig for –ig words

  • Set up the cupcake tin with word cards partly covered in the dirt. 
  • Have the children dig to uncover the words.
  • Invite the children to read the words as they uncover them. 

More Practice

Make an –ig word flip-book

  • Write the –ig ending on the far right side of a 3x5 index card.
  • Write the following letters or blends on separate 3x3 sticky notes: D, P, Tw, B, J, F, W. 
  • Staple the sticky notes to the index card on the left side of the –ig ending.
  • Read each new –ig word as you flip through the initial letters or blends (e.g., dig, pig, twig, big, jig, fig, wig).

Read target words in a text

  • Read the text The Pig That Digs and Digs together with the class or small group. 
  • Have the children underline the words that end in –ig.
  • Read the text again, fading support.
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SEEL Target Texts

The Pig that Digs and Digs

I know of a big pig who likes to dig.  
That pig wanted to dig and dig!
He dug up a twig and did a jig.
And he used the twig to dig.
The pig liked to dig with the twig while wearing a wig.  
With the wig on his head he continued to dig.
Dig, dig, dig, big pig! 
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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.