chip factory

Chip Factory

Chip Factory
Target text


Read and write words that end with -ip.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • rip
  • chip
  • clip
  • flip
  • snip
  • grip
  • strip


  • Different kinds of chips (e.g., chocolate chips, banana chips, tortilla chips)
  • Paper chip strips
  • Pattern for a chip bag
  • Paper clips
  • Store signs
  • Chip clips (or paper or binder clips)
  • Word-building cards
  • A Chip Factory target text
  • We Ship Chips to Chip Stores! target text

The children will work in a chip factory and then read and write words that end in -ip such as chip, snip, clip, strip, rip, and ship.

Literacy Activities

  • Explain to the children that they will pretend to be workers in an assembly line in a chip factory.
  • Divide the children into five groups and have each group do the work for one step in the assembly process using chip graphics and/or real chips (e.g., chocolate chips, potato chips).
    • Step 1: Make the chip bag 
      • Have the children in this group cut out the chip bag pattern, fold it according to the instructions, and use paper clips to keep the bottom of the bag together.
      • Let the children write the words "chip bag" on the back of the bag. 
    • Step 2: Make the chips
      • This group will use scissors to snip and clip strips of chip graphics.
      • This group could also rip strips of scrap paper into triangles to make tortilla chips (optional).  
    • Step 3: Sort the chips
      • Let this group set up the chip signs on a table and sort the various chip graphics or real chip into piles next to the appropriate signs.
    • Step 4: Fill a chip bag and clip it shut
      • Show this group of children how to put each type of chips into its own chip bag; pretend to tip over one of the chip bags and lose some chips.
      • Fold down the top of the bag and clip it shut with a chip clip. 
      • Tip and flip the chip bag over to show that the chips will not fall out when the clip is on the bag.
      • Let each of the children pick some chips to put in a bag and get ready to ship.
    • Step 5: Ship off the chips
      • Explain that the word ship means to deliver and have this group of children put the chip bags in a box or a larger bag to ship them off to a store.
      • Have one of the children pretend to be the person who ships (delivers) the chips to a store. 
        • Tell the person who is shipping the chips to skip with the chips.
        • Tell the person who is shipping the chips to not trip or slip with the chips.
  • When the work is finished, put real chips in one of the chip bags that the children made.
  • Open the chip bag and tip it so the chips slip out into a bowl.
  • Give each of the children a chip to hold to their lips before they eat it, pointing out that chips and lips both end with -ip.

More Practice
Identify, blend and manipulate sounds

  • With the word-building cards, have the children make new words by changing the vowel or either of the consonants:
    • Change the beginning consonants: chip ship; rip lip; grip trip; clip flip
    • Change the vowel: flipflop; ship → shop; tip tap; strip strap
    • Change the ending consonant: chipchinrip rigtip tin

Write target words and follow patterns

  • Give each child a whiteboard and have them write words from dictation, changing one or two letters each time to make a new word: chip, clip, flip, flop, slop, slip, snip, ship, shop, snip, shin, pin, pit, lit, lip, rip, trip, strip

Read target words in a text 

  • Read the A Chip Factory target text .
  • Engage the children in reading the target text with you.
  • Read the text again, fading support.
  • Have the children underline the words that end in -ip.
  • Repeat with the We Ship Chips to Chip Stores! target text.

Read and write target words

  • Play a Hot Chip Bag game with children (similar to the Hot Potato game).
  • Have the children sit in a circle and each write a word that ends with -ip on a slip of paper.
  • Turn on some music and let the children take turns passing a chip bag until you stop the music.
  • When the music stops, the child holding the chip bag gets to read their word aloud and put it in the chip bag.
  • Repeat the game until everyone's slip is in the chip bag, then show the children the slips and read the words aloud together.

Write about the activity using target words

  • Give each child a paper and pencil and let them write words from dictation: chip, snip, clip, grip, flip, rip, ship, skip, trip, slip, and tip
  • Have the children write a sentence or two about the activity using as many words from their list as they can (e.g., “I snip and clip chips. I skip but do not slip or trip with the chips.”).
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SEEL Target Texts

A Chip Factory

We make chips in a chip factory.
We make lots of kinds of chips.
We make chocolate chips, potato chips, banana chips, and tortilla chips. 
We rip strips of chips.
We snip and clip the chips.
We make chip bags.    
We put the chips in the bags. 
We put clips on the bags.   
That’s how we make bags of chips in the chip factory.

We Ship Chips to Chip Stores!

We ship chips to stores that sell chips.
We put bags of chips in a big box.
Then we ship the box of chips off to a store.
When we ship chips, we take them to a chip store.
We skip as we ship the box of chip bags.
We are careful to not trip or slip as we skip.
We are careful to not trip or slip as we deliver the chips.
We get the chips to the chip store!
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