a skit to make a banana split

A Skit to Make a Banana Split

A Skit to Make a Banana Split
Target text


Read and write words ending in -it.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • skit
  • split
  • bit
  • fit
  • sit


  • 3 large circles of paper or cardstock (ice cream) 
  • 2 large yellow banana-shaped cut-outs
  • Large circle of red paper or cardstock (cherry)
  • Brown streamers (fudge)
  • White streamers (whipped cream)
  • Banana Graphics (see below)
  • Banana Split Skit song (see below)
  • How to Make a Banana Split target text (see below)

State and model the objective
Tell the children that they will pretend to be banana splits as they read and write words that end in -it, such as skit, kit, sit, and split.

Practice the skill within an activity
Perform a Banana Split Skit

  • Give the children parts in the skit (see below)
  • Teach the children the Banana Split Skit song (see below), sung to the tune of London Bridge, as you direct the children in how to use the props and act out the skit.
  • Practice the skit so the children can perform it with minimal teacher support.  
  • Let the children share the skit with another class or their parents.

Apply the Skill
Read target words in a text

  • Display the How to Make a Banana Split target text large enough for the children to see.
  • Read the target text to the children.
  • Engage the children in reading the text simultaneously with you (support as needed).
  • Read the text with the children again, fading support.
  • Have the children take turns underlining the words that end in -it.

Writing target words from dictation

  • Give each child a banana graphic (see below)
  • Have the children write -it words from dictation (e.g., sit, fit, bit, kit) on the banana graphic (see below), seeing how many -it words they can fit.
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SEEL Target Texts

How to Make a Banana Split

  1. Split the banana and put it in a dish.
  2. Scoop a bit of ice cream on top of it.
  3. Put a bit of fudge on it.
  4. Whip a bit of cream to put on top.
  5. Fit a cherry on it.
  6. Now you can quit, and sit, and eat your split!
  7. What a yummy kit for making a banana split!
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SEEL At Home


Read and write words ending in -it.


  • Banana split ingredients (optional): 
    • banana, ice cream, fudge sauce, whipped cream, cherry, etc.

Activity: How to Make a Banana Split

  • Ask your child how to make a banana split, encouraging him or her to use as many -it words as possible (e.g., split, fit, bit, it, quit, sit).
  • Write down the instructions your child tells you, helping him or her to use -it words as needed.
  • Have your child stand while you read the banana split instructions together and sit each time you read a word with the -it ending.
  • Use your child’s instructions to make banana splits together and eat them (optional).
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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.