Stop Cop

Stop Cop
Target text


Read and write words ending in -op.

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Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • cop
  • hop
  • mop
  • stop
  • drop
  • chop


  • Whiteboard or chart paper
  • Cop badge*
  • Stop sign*
  • Word cards*
  • Word-blending cards*

*Items included below.

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children that they will play a game like Red Light/Green Light as they read and write words ending in -op.

Literacy Activities
Make an -op cop badge

  • Display and read each word card to the children, pointing out that all of the words end in -op.
  • Invite the children to come up with an action that goes with each word (e.g., mop: pretend to mop the floor, drop: pretend to drop something).
  • Give each child a cop badge and help them decide what kind of -op cop they would like to be (e.g., a cop who hops).
  • Let the children write the -op word in the top banner of their badge and finish the word cop in the middle of the badge. 
  • Have the children read their cop badges to others in the class.

Stop Cop

  • Explain that they will now play a game called Stop Cop (similar to Red Light/Green Light).
  • Choose a child to be the Stop Cop and stand at one end of the room while the other children line up at the other end.
  • Have the Stop Cop choose an -op word card to read aloud, then let the other children do the -op action while moving slowly toward the Stop Cop.
  • Tell the Stop Cop to raise the stop sign when the children should stop and have everyone shout “Stop Cop!”
    • If someone continues to move after the Stop Cop raises the stop sign, that person moves back to the beginning.
    • Whoever reaches the Stop Cop first, wins.
  • Repeat as desired, giving multiple children the chance to be the Stop Cop.

Identify, blend, and manipulate sounds

  • With word-blending cards, have the children make new words by changing either the consonants or the vowel:
    • stopflop; hopcop; bopmop
    • copcup; mopmap; stopstep
    • hophot; copcod; flopflock

Read and write target words

  • Show the children the word cards and have them read the cards aloud as a class. 
  • Have the children read the word cards again and write down each word.


SEEL At Home

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Read and write words ending in -op.


  • Paper and pencil
  • Stop sign*
  • Cop badge*
  • Word cards*

*Items included below.

Activity: Stop Cop

  • Decide who will be the cop, give that person the badge and stop sign, and stand on opposite sides of the room. 
  • Let the cop draw an -op action card, read it, and tell the other person what to do.
  • Have the other person perform the action while moving towards the cop.
  • Stop when the cop holds up the stop sign and shouts, "Stop Cop!"
  • Repeat the activity several times, switching roles each time.
  • Help your child make and write sentences using the word cards.
  • Read the sentences with your child, find the -op words, and read them together.

Cop Badge, Stop Sign, and Word Cards


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CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.K.3.B: Associate the long and short sounds with the common spellings (graphemes) for the five major vowels.

CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.K.2.D: Isolate and pronounce the initial, medial vowel, and final sounds (phonemes) in three-phoneme (consonant-vowel-consonant, or CVC) words.1 (This does not include CVCs ending with /l/, /r/, or /x/.)