a man with a cap

A Man with a Cap

A Man with a Cap
Target text


The children will read words that end in -ap.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • cap
  • tap
  • lap
  • nap
  • slap
  • clap
  • snap
  • wrap


  • Paper cut in circles 
  • Balloon
  • Paper Pant legs
  • Word cards*
  • Slap on a Cap! target text*
  • A Man With a Cap Naps target text*
  • Book: Caps for Sale (1940; Esphyr Skobodkina) (optional) 
  • Picture for making a cap (optional)

*Items included below.


State and Model the Objective
The children will tap and slap caps as they read words that end in -ap, such as cap, tap, lap, slap, and clap.
Literacy Activities
Tap and slap on caps

  • Read the book Caps for Sale (optional) and point out that the man had to slap a lot of caps on his head to sell.
  • Let the children turn paper circles into caps by cutting a slit in the middle, making a flap by overlapping the parts, and stapling the flap. 
  • Dictate words that end in -ap for the children to write on their caps.  
  • Have the children read their -ap words aloud, slap their caps onto their heads, and tap their caps.

Slap on caps and tap the caps

  • Blow up a balloon and draw a man’s face on it.
  • Have the children read the words on their caps and then gently slap and tap the caps on the man’s head.
  • Read the target text Slap on a Cap

Nap with caps 

  • Have the children do the actions below as you and the children read the target text A Man with a Cap Naps:
    • Place two paper legs under the balloon man to be his lap.
    • Pretend the man is taking a nap.  
    • Let some children pretend to take a nap. 
    • Have the other children stack caps in the man’s lap and in the children’s laps.

Build -ap words

  • Lay out two paper legs as before.
  • Put a pile of initial consonants (t, c, m, l, n, z, y) on the left pant leg.
  • Place a pile of the -ap rhyme ending on the right pant leg.
  • Let the children take initial consonants and -ap endings to create words.
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SEEL Target Texts

Slap on a Cap

Look, a man without a cap!   
He does not have a cap.
Let’s slap a cap on top of his head.
Slap a cap on top of the man and give the cap a tap.
Slap a cap on the man and tap the cap.
Give a little slap and a little tap.
Slap and tap a lot of caps on top of the man’s head.
The man has a stack of caps!
The man puts the caps in his lap and takes a nap.  

A Man with a Cap Naps

The man with a cap is taking a nap.
Let’s slap caps on the man’s lap and give the caps a tap.
Slap a lot of caps on the man’s lap.
Caps stack up on the man’s lap.
Lots of caps stack up on the man’s lap.
Lots and lots of caps!
And the man naps and naps.


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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.