Click or Quit Clicking

Click or Quit Clicking
Target text


Recognize, read, and write words with the short-i sound.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • click
  • quit
  • quick


  • Pens that click
  • Click ‘Til I Say Quit text*
  • I’ll Click ‘Til You Say Quit text*

*Items included below.

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children you will be playing a pen-clicking game and making words with the short-i vowel, such as click or quit

Literacy Activities
Click til I say quit

  • Engage children in shared reading of the Click 'Til I Say Quit text (see below).
  • Show the children the pens and demonstrate how they click.
  • Invite the children to click the pens at the appropriate time.
  • Tell the children to click quickly when they hear the word quick and to quit when they hear the word quit.
  • Repeat the phrase “Click, Click, Click . . . Quit!”

I’ll click til you say quit

  • Engage children in shared reading of I’ll Click 'Til You Say Quit (see below).
  • Ask a volunteer to say, “Click, Click, Click . . . Quit!” to let you know when to click and when to quit.

Write target words and patterns

  • Engage children in interactive writing about their experience by generating sentence frames and letting the children fill in the blanks.
    • We can make pens __________(click).
    • We stop clicking when someone says __________(quit).
    • We click very fast when someone says __________(quick).
  • Have children pick a letter card (see below) and add -ick or -it as the ending to make a word. 
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SEEL Target Texts

I’ll Click 'Til You Say Quit

I get to click a pen.
I can click.
I get to click until you tell me to quit! 
You get to tell me when to quit.

Click 'Til I Say Quit

My pens go ‘click’.  
The pens can click.
Pick a pen.  
Pick a pen and make it click.  
Click the pen until I tell you to quit.
Click quickly when I tell you, quick.

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