lids can fit or flip or spin

Lids Can Fit or Flip or Spin

Lids Can Fit or Flip or Spin
Target text


Read and write words with short-i sounds.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • lid
  • bin 
  • fit 
  • spin
  • flip


  • Bins, boxes, and cans with lids (sour cream containers, shoe boxes, plastic bins, jam jars, etc.)
  • Lids target text*
  • Lids that Spin target text*
  • Flip Your Lid target text*

*Items included below.

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children they will play with lids and read and write words with the short-i sound such as lid, bin, fit, spin, and flip.

Literacy Activities

Introduce target words

  • List target words for the children to see: lid, bin, did, hit
  • Point out that all the words have the short-i sound.
  • Read the words together with the children.

Read Lids text together

  • Read the Lids text with the children, fading support.
  • Let the children put lids on or in different sized containers.

Spin Lids

  • Read Lids that Spin with the children, fading support.
  • Let the children spin the lids.

Play Tiddlywinks

  • Read Flip Your Lid with the children, fading support.
  • Have the children flip lids and try to get them to land in a larger bin. 

Write from dictation

  • Have the children write short-i words from dictation (e.g., spin, flip, lid, fit, bin, big, sit).
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SEEL Target Texts


Big lids
Little lids
Lids that can fit on a can.
Lids that can fit on a box. 
Slip a lid on a can.
Slip a lid on a box.
Can the lid fit?
Can a big lid fit on a little can?
Can a little lid fit in a big box?
Slip a lid in a can.
Slip a lid in a box.
But a big lid will not fit in a little can.

Lids that spin

Lids can spin.
Tip the lid and give it a twist.
Give the lid a spin.
Can you get a lid to spin?
Can a lid spin like a top?

Flip a Lid

You can play a game with lids that flip.
The game is Tiddlywinks. 
Slip a bit of one lid over a bit of another.
Press down a bit on the lid that is on top.
Did it just sit there?
Or did it flip?
Try to flip the lid in a bin. 
Did the lid just sit?
Did the lid flip into the bin?
Did it spin and twist in the air?
My lid did not flip or twist.
It slid and hit the bin.
You win if the lid flips into the bin.
You can win at Tiddlywinks.
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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.