put popcorn in a slot

Put Popcorn in a Slot

Put Popcorn in a Slot
Target text


Read and write words that end with the short-o sounds -op and -ot.

Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • hop
  • pot
  • pop
  • lot  
  • hot
  • got
  • shop
  • slot


  • A pot 
  • Popcorn
  • Paper top for the pot with a slot for popcorn
  • Pop-Corn Shop sign*
  • Pop a Lot of Pop-Corn text*

*Items included below. 

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children that they will learn how to pop popcorn as they read and write short-o words that end in -ot and -op, such as pop, shop, pot, lot, got, and slot
Literacy Activities
Introduce target words

  • Display a list of target words. 
  • Show the children that all the words have a short-o sound.
  • Help the children read the words. 

Hop to a shop and pop pop-corn

  • Display the Pop-Corn Shop sign and have the children hop to the shop. 
  • Put some popped popcorn or crumpled paper in a pot and cover it with a top that has a slot (see example below). 
  • Let the children drop popcorn kernels into the pot through the slot.
  • Shake the pot and tell the children that the kernels can hop and pop. 
  • Take the top off and show the children the popped popcorn. 

Read Pop a Lot of Pop-corn

  • Engage the children in reading Pop a Lot of Pop-corn.
  • Have the children find words in the text that end with -op and underline them. 
  • Repeat, having the children find words that end with -ot and underline them in a different color. 
  • Read the text with the children again, fading support. 

Segment words with the short o vowel sound

  • Say a word and then segment it into sounds, having the children hop once for each sound and once for the word (e.g. “Hop. H + o + p. Hop”).
  • Ask the children what sounds they hear. 
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SEEL Target Texts

Pop a Lot of Pop-Corn

Hop hop, hop to a shop.
Stop at the pop-corn shop!
The shop has a lot of pop-corn.
And the shop has a big pot.
And the pot has a top.
And the top has a slot – a slot to drop in pop-corn seeds.
We can drop pop-corn seeds in the slot – in the slot in the pot.
The pot will get hot.
Then the hot pop-corn will hop and pop in the pot.
The pop-corn hops and pops in the hot pot!
Hop, hop, hop!
Pop, pop, pop!
Take off the top, and what have we got?
A lot of pop-corn!
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