Short O Has Lots of Jobs

Short O Has Lots of Jobs
Target text


Children will read and write words with the short-o sound.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • Got
  • Jog
  • Pot
  • Jobs
  • Rock
  • Slop
  • Sock


  • Short O target text*
  • Short O sorting blobs*
  • Word Cards*

Items included below*

State and Model the Objective

Tell the children they will pretend to do short-o’s jobs, and read and write words such as got, jot, jog, dog, rock, and sock.


Literacy Activities

Read target text together

  • Read the Short O text with the children (see below). Repeat, fading support.
  • Have the children pantomime short-o words (e.g., stop, box, rock, hop, jog, mop, pop, flop, slot, nod).
  • Write phrases with short-o words (e.g., drop a sock, spot a hot pot, toss a rock, lock a box, trot on a dot, jog with a dog, drop a top, flop on a sock, nod at a frog, mop up slop). Have the children read the action words and phrases and act them out.

Sort short-o words by ending

  • Have the children read common short-o word endings (e.g., -ob, -ot). 
  • Add beginning sounds and let the children tell you what the words are.
  • Using the short-o sorting blobs and word cards (see below), have children sort words by the vowel and final consonant.

Write short-o words

  • Have the children write short-o words from dictation (bob, dog, fog, mom, hop, mop, got, hot, not, rock, sock, frog).


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SEEL Target Texts

Short O

Short o is in a lot of words.
Short o is the vowel sound in got, not, and lot
Short o is in frog, hop and lot.
A frog can hop a lot.
Short o is in tock and clock.
That clock goes tock, tock, tock and not tick tock. 
Short o is in got, hot, and pot.
I got a hot pot. Watch out!
Short o is in job and glob.
It’s my job to make some glob.
Short o is in mop and slop.
The mop mops up lots of slop.
Short o is in jog, frog, and dog.
The frog jogs with the dog.  
Short o is in rock and sock.
A rock got in my sock!  
Short o has lots of jobs!

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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.