A Cup for a Pup

A Cup for a Pup
Target text


Read and write words that end with -up

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • pup
  • cup
  • up


  • 4 cups of water
  • Pup graphics to attach to a headband, or to a pencil to make a puppet (optional) 
  • Letter cards
  • Up, Pup! target text

The children will read and write words ending with -uppup, cup, yup, and up.

Literacy Activities
Pretend to be a pup

  • Before the activity, prepare and set in a safe place 4 small cups of water for use during the second reading of the target text. 
  • Read the Up, Pup! target text together as a class, emphasizing words that end in –up
  • Choose 4 children to pretend to be a pup and wear a pup headband (optional). 
  • Read the text again together as a class, following the script instructions (the pretend pups will follow the directions of the other children). 
  • The pretend pups can then lap up some water from the cups. 
  • Repeat as desired using different children, different water cups, and different tricks.

More Practice
Identify, blend and manipulate sounds 

  • Let the children make a target word (e.g. pup) from letter cards and then let them make different words by changing either of the consonants or the vowel. 
    • Change the beginning sound(s): cup pup 
    • Change the vowel sound: cup cap; pup pop; cup cop
    • Change the ending sound(s): cup cut; pup put
  • For each of the words the children make, have them produce the sounds for each letter and then blend those sounds back into the word.

Read target words in a text

  • Have the children underline the words that end in -up in the target text Up, Pup!
  • Read the Up, Pup! text to the children.
  • Engage the children in reading the text simultaneously with you.
  • Read the Up, Pup! text again fading support. 

Write about the activity using target words and phrases

  • Review the lesson activity, give the children a story starter (e.g., We pretended to be pups and then…), and ask them to write about the activity using their own words. 
  • Re-read the target text and permit the children to write their own version of the text.
  • Have the children write a sentence or two expressing ideas from a lesson activity or target text (e.g., A pup can jump up and drink from a cup). 
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SEEL Target Texts

Up, Pup!

Teacher: My pup can do tricks. My pup can sit up.
Children: Up, pup! Sit up, pup!
Teacher: My pup can jump up.
Children: Up, pup! Jump up, pup!
Teacher: My pup can stand up.
Children: Up, pup! Stand up, pup!
Teacher: My pup can jump up for a cup.
Children: Up, pup! Jump up for a cup, pup!
Teacher: My pup can say, “Yup!”
Children: Up, pup! Say, “Yup,” pup!
Pup: Yup! Yup!
Everyone: Good pup!
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SEEL At Home


Read and write words that end with -up


  • Small cup of water
  • Pup stick puppet and Up, Pup! target text

Activity: A Cup for a Pup

  • Let your child pretend to be a pup and act out the tricks described as you read the Up, Pup! target text together. 
  • When your pretend pup has completed the tricks, reward him or her with a cup of water to lap like a pup. 
  • Have your child read the text again with you and use the puppet to act it out. 
  • Help your child write 2-3 sentences that describe what the pup can do (e.g.; The pup can jump up. The pup can lap water from a cup). 
  • The activity can be repeated several times.Pup-stick-puppet-and-target-text
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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.