tut, tut, can i please have a nut?

Tut, Tut, Can I Please Have a Nut?

Tut, Tut, Can I Please Have a Nut?
Target text


Read and write words that end with -ut.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • tut
  • nut
  • hut
  • shut
  • cut


  • Cardboard box (labeled “hut” with a door cut out)
  • Nut word cards
  • Letter cards
  • The Nut Hut target text

The children will ask for nuts from a hut as they read and write words ending with -ut such as tut, nut, hut, shut, but, and cut.

Literacy Activities
Shut the nut hut

  • Invite one child to knock on the door of the hut while saying, “Tut, tut can I have a nut?”
  • Have the child open the door, choose a nut word card from the pile and read the word on the nut.  
  • If the word ends with –ut, the child can keep the nut and shut the hut.
  • If the word doesn’t end with –ut, have the child pretend to use scissors to cut the nut, put the card on the table, and shut the hut.
  • Repeat the activity so every child has at least one turn to knock on the hut and read a word on a nut. 
  • Invite the children to take turns reading aloud the -ut word(s) on the nut(s) they got from the hut. 

More Practice
Identify, blend and manipulate sounds

  • Let the children make a target word (e.g. tut) from letter cards and then let them make different words by changing either of the consonants or the vowel. 
    • Change the beginning sound(s): tut  hut; nut cut; cut tut
    • Change the vowel sound: hut hat; nut net; tut tot 
    • Change the ending sound(s): hut  hum; tut tub
  • For each of the words the children make, have them produce the sounds for each letter and then blend those sounds back into the word. 

Read target words in a text 

  • Have the children underline the words that end in -ut in The Nut Hut target text.
  • Read The Nut Hut text to the children. 
  • Engage the children in reading the text simultaneously with you. 
  • Read The Nut Hut text again, fading support. 

Write about the activity using target words and phrases 

  • Display target words on a word wall (i.e., tut, nut, hut, shut) and then engage the children in one of the following: 
  • Review the lesson activity, give the children a story starter (e.g., I asked for a nut and then…), and ask them to write about the activity using their own words.
  • Re-read the target text and permit the children to write their own version of the text. 
  • Have the children write a sentence of two expressing ideas from a lesson activity or target text (e.g., Choose a nut from the hut). 
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SEEL Target Texts

The Nut Hut

The squirrel struts into a hut. 
He finds a nut in the hut. 
He cuts open the nut. 
He eats the nut but wants more nuts. 
But there are not more nuts in the hut. 
So, he shuts the hut. 
He struts out of the hut and goes off to find more nuts. 
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SEEL At Home



Read and write words that end with -ut


  • Cardboard box (labeled "hut" with a lid or a door cut out)
  • Nut word cards 

Activity: Tut, Tut Can I Have a Nut?

  • Invite your child to knock on the door or lid of the hut and say, "Tut, tut, can I have a nut?" 
  • Have your child open the door or lid and read the word on the nut word card:
    • If the word ends with -ut, your child can keep the word card.  
    • If the word does not end with -ut, have your child pretend to use scissors to cut the nut, place the card on the table, then shut the door or lid of the hut.
  • Take turns repeating these steps until all the cards are used up.
  • Ask your child to read aloud the -ut words on the nuts he or she collected (help as needed). 
  • Help your child to write a few short sentences using as many of the -ut words as possible (e.g., "The hut is shut.") and have him or her underline the -ut words they use.nut-word-cards
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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.