Big Beach Bag


Recognize and produce the /b/ sound in a series of words that all begin with /b/.

Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • big
  • beach
  • bag
  • ball
  • box


  • Big beach bag (any type of bag)
  • Picture cards (cut out)
  • Big inflated beach ball

The children will pack a big beach bag while they listen for words that start with the /b/ sound, such as big, bag, ball, and beach.

Practice the skill within an activity
Big Beach Bag

  • Display the picture cards (see below) so that all of the children can see them.
  • Identify the pictures with the children, emphasizing the /b/ sound at the beginning of each word.
  • Have the children choose a picture card that they want to take to the beach.
  • Let the children put the card in the beach bag and have them say, "My ___ (e.g., bug) goes in the big beach bag."
  • Pull out the pictures from the beach bag and name each item again with the children, emphasizing the /b/ sound (i.e., /b/ /b/ bag).

Apply the skill
Produce words with the /b/ sound

  • Have the children sit in a circle, then ask them to think of a word that starts with the /b/ sound that they could bring in the beach bag.
  • Tell the children, "I'm going to bring ___ (e.g., a ball) in the big beach bag," then pass the beach bag to the next person in the circle so they can say what /b/ item they will bring in the big beach bag.
  • Allow each child to have a turn, playing as many rounds as desired. 

Blend sounds into words

  • Have children blend word parts into whole words by tapping their head when they say the /b/ sound, then touching their toes when they say the ending, and finally clapping once when they say the whole word together. For example: b (tap head) + at (touch toes) = bat (clap hands).
    • b + ag = bag
    • b + ook = book
    • b + all = ball
    • b + ug = bug


SEEL At Home

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Recognize and produce the /b/ sound in a series of words that all begin with /b/.


  • Big beach bag (or another bag)
  • Picture cards (see below)

Activity: Big Beach Bag

  • Walk around the house with your child and take turns finding the picture cards that you hid before the activity, or collecting items that begin with the /b/ sound (e.g., ball, box, button, banana, balloon).
  • As you or your child put the items or picture cards in the big beach bag, have fun saying, "I'm putting a ___ (e.g., banana) in my big beach bag."
  • After you have found several items (or all of the picture cards), pull each item/card out of the big beach bag, and ask your child if he or she would like to bring that item to the beach.
  • Have your child say, "I want to bring a ___ (e.g. blanket) to the beach" or "It would be bad to bring a ___ (e.g., button) to the beach."
  • Make a list of the /b/ items that your child would like to bring to the beach, then point to each word as you read it aloud, emphasizing the /b/ sound, and have your child repeat the word back to you.



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