big beach bag


Recognize and produce the /b/ sound in a series of words that all begin with /b/.

Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • big
  • beach
  • bag
  • ball
  • box


  • Big beach bag 
  • Picture cards 
  • Big inflated beach ball

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children that they will pack a big beach bag as they listen for words that start with the /b/ sound, such as big, bag, ball, and beach.

Literacy Activities
Big Beach Bag

  • Display the picture cards so that all of the children can see them.
  • Identify the pictures with the children, emphasizing the /b/ sound at the beginning of each word.
  • Have the children choose a picture card that they want to take to the beach.
  • Let the children put the card in the beach bag and have them say, "My ___ (e.g., bug) goes in the big beach bag."
  • Pull out the pictures from the beach bag and name each item again with the children, emphasizing the /b/ sound (i.e., /b/ /b/ bag).

More Practice
Produce words with the /b/ sound

  • Have the children sit in a circle, then ask them to think of a word that starts with the /b/ sound that they could bring in a big beach bag.
  • Tell the children, "I'm going to bring ___ (e.g., a ball) in the big beach bag," then roll a big beach ball to another child.
  • Allow each child to have a turn (support as needed) and play as many rounds as desired. 

Blend sounds into words

  • Have children blend word parts into whole words by tapping their head when they say the /b/ sound, then touching their toes when they say the ending, and finally clapping once when they say the whole word together. For example: b (tap head) + at (touch toes) = bat (clap hands).
    • b + ag = bag
    • b + ook = book
    • b + all = ball
    • b + ug = bug


SEEL At Home

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Recognize and produce the /b/ sound in a series of words that all begin with /b/.


  • Big beach bag 
  • Picture cards 

Activity: Big Beach Bag

  • Hide the picture cards around a room (optional).
  • Take turns with your child finding picture cards or items that begin with the /b/ sound (e.g., ball, box, button, banana).
  • As you or your child put items or picture cards in the big beach bag, say, "I'm putting a ___ (e.g., banana) in my big beach bag."
  • After you have found several items (or all of the picture cards), pull one out of the bag, and ask your child if he or she would like to bring that item to the beach.
    • If yes, have your child say, "I want to bring a ___ (e.g. blanket) to the beach" and place it in the big beach bag.
    • If no, then say, "It would be bad to bring a ___ (e.g., button) to the beach" and put it to the side.
  • Name each of the /b/ items that your child chose (emphasizing the /b/ sound) and have your child repeat the word back to you.

Picture card


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