big beach bag

Big Beach Bag

Big Beach Bag
Target text


Recognize and produce the /b/ sound in a series of words that begin with /b/.

Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • bag
  • big
  • box
  • ball
  • beach 
  • ball
  • banana


  • Big bag 
  • Object/s that begin with /b/ (e.g., book, bubbles, bracelet, beads, button, bottle, bowl, balloon, bell, ball, bucket, basket, backpack, bag, bow, box, banana) 
  • Cloth to be a beach blanket
  • Toy binoculars made from two toilet paper rolls taped together (optional)
  • Bs
  • Pictures of things: ball, balloon, bug, book, button, bubbles, baseball bat, blocks, bell, bucket, beaded bracelet* 
  • Pictures of foods: bread, bun, bacon, burger, broccoli, baked beans, banana* (optional)
  • Book: Not the Piano, Mrs. Medley by Evan Levine (1995) (optional)

*Items included below.

State and Model the Objective

Tell the children that they will bring a big beach bag and a beach ball to the beach and will listen for words that start with the /b/ sound, such as big, bag, ball, and beach.

Literacy Activities 

Pack a bag to take to the beach

  • Read Not the Piano, Mrs. Medley, a story about a lady who packs everything to take to the beach (optional)
  • Put things or pictures of things that begin with /b/ in a big bag (e.g., Bs, banana, bun, ball, blocks, bell, baseball bat, bracelet, button, book, beads).
  • Use gestures to represent other items to put in the bag (e.g., sweep to stand for a broom, pretend to put on boot, make a brushing gesture, open an imaginary box, look through curled fingers to be binoculars)
  • Comment on the beach bag being big and bulky.

Take a bus or bike to the beach

  • Tell the children that they will take a big beach bag to a beach.
  • Make comments and ask questions about getting to the beach:
    • Take a bike or a bus to the beach?
    • Take a bumpy bike or bouncy bus to the beach?
    • Better get to the beach on a bus or a bike?
    • Be a bumpy bike biking to the beach.
    • Be on a bouncy bus bringing us to the beach.
    • The bus (or bike) better be bringing us to the beach.

Bring a Blanket and the Big Beach Bag to the Beach

  • State that you are at a breezy beach.
  • Brag about bringing a blanket and bag to the beach on a bike or bus.
  • Comment on bringing a big beach bag (with blue, black, or brown on it) to the beach:
    • What a bother to bring this big, bulky beach bag to the beach on the bus (or bike).
    • I brought belongings in this big bulky beach bag to the beach.
    • I borrowed and bought things to bring to the beach in the big beach bag.
    • The big bulky beach bag has some brown (or blue or black).

Unpack the beach bag at the beach 

  • Tell the children they will see what belongings you borrowed, bought, and brought to the beach in the big beach bag.
  • Name items that you believe you brought in the bag (e.g., brush, box, bowl, basket, book, etc.).
  • Pull out the items or produce gestures of items brought in the big beach bag:
    • A basket, a backpack, and a broken bracelet with beads.
    • My best bell, binoculars, Bs, banana, bun, ball, block, bell, button, boot, basket, broom, and box.
  • Comment on being at the bottom of the bag and  gesture what is there:
    • At the bottom of the big beach bag, I brought a broom and a brush.

Balance and bat balls and break bubbles at the beach

  • Pretend to do things on the beach blanket at the beach:
    • Blow and break bubbles
    • Balance, bat, and bounce bouncy balls
    • Build with blocks
    • Eat pretend bananas, baked beans, a bit of bread, and a burger on a buttered bun with bits of bacon

Re-pack items that begin with /b/ in the big beach bag

  • Ask the children what they will bring back from the beach on the bus or bike in the big beach bag.
  • Let gestures stand for items and put /b/ things back in the big beach bag.
  • Make the comment, “Better not bring back bugs or bees in the big beach bag.”

Blend sounds into words

  • Have children blend word parts into whole words (e.g., “b (tap head) + at (touch toes) = bat (clap hands)”).
    • b + ag = bag
    • b + ook = book
    • b + all = ball
    • b + ug = bug
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SEEL At Home



Recognize and produce the /b/ sound in a series of words that all begin with /b/.



  • Big beach bag 
  • Picture cards*

*Items included below. 


Activity: Big Beach Bag

  • Hide the picture cards around a room (optional).
  • Take turns with your child finding picture cards or items that begin with the /b/ sound (e.g., ball, box, button, banana).
  • As you or your child puts items or pictures in the big beach bag, say, "I'm bringing ___ (e.g., banana) to the beach in my big beach bag."
  • Ask if you would like to bring an item (e.g., book, burger, bun, bacon, it to the beach) and say, “We will bring a _____(e.g., blanket) to the beach in the big beach bag.”
  • Name each of the /b/ items that you will bring to the beach (emphasizing the /b/ sound).
  • Comment on how it is better not to bring a bug to the beach.
  • Picture card
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