The Frenzied Freeze Dance


Recognize and produce the /f/ sound in a series of words that all begin with /f/.

Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • freeze
  • frenzied
  • flow
  • fall
  • flap


  • Selections of “frenzied” (fast) music and “flowing” (slow) music

The children will do fast dances and flowing dances as they listen for words that begin with the /f/ sound, such as freeze, flow, fall, and fast.

Literacy Activities
Dance frenzied and flowing

  • Invite the children to dance to fast music in a frenzied (crazy) way, and to dance to slow music in a flowing (slow and smooth) way, pointing out that fast, frenzied, and flowing all start with the /f/ sound.
  • Turn on one of the styles of music for a little bit of time then stop the music and say, “Freeze!”
  • Help the children think of a word that starts with the /f/ sound (e.g., fast, friend, flower) to call out so they can unfreeze (choose a new word each time you say, "Freeze!").
  • Start the same music again or change styles and allow the children to resume dancing according to the style (i.e., frenzied or flowing). 

Follow the /f/ actions

  • With the children, think of a variety of actions they can do that begin with the /f/ sound (e.g., find a friend, flap your arms, flop on the floor).
  • Let the children take turns choosing or creating an action that has at least one word that starts with /f/, leading the other children in doing it in a fast, frenzied, or flowing way, then saying “Freeze!”
  • Review the /f/ words from the activity with the children, emphasizing the /f/ sound 

More Practice
Repeat words with the /f/ sound 

  • Make a list of the children’s favorite /f/ action words (e.g., flip, fold, flap).
  • Say each word multiple times in a rhythmic way (e.g., “Flip, flip flip,” “Fold, fold” “Flap, flap, flap, flap, flap.”) and have the children echo each set back to you. 
  • Repeat the list together several times, varying speed or volume as desired. 

Recognize the /f/ sound in words

  • Before the activity, make a list of /f/ sound words and non-/f/ sound words (e.g., flap, fly, mouse, face, fast, car
  • Say one word at a time and help the children determine if that word starts with the /f/ sound, supporting as needed.
    • If the word starts with the /f/ sound, have the children flap their fingers as they say the word back to you.
    • If the word doesn’t start with the /f/ sound, go on to the next word.
  • Review the /f/ sound words together, emphasizing the /f/ sound.

SEEL At Home

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Recognize and produce the /f/ sound in a series of words that all begin with /f/.


  • Selections of “frenzied” (fast) music and “flowing” (slow) music

Activity: Frenzied Freeze Dance

  • Play some music and dance together, fast and crazy dancing with the "frenzied" music, and slowly and smoothly dancing with the "flowing" music. 
  • Pause the music and call out, "Freeze!" then do an /f/ action together (e.g., fall to the floor, flap your arms, flop on the floor), saying the name of the action aloud as you do it.
  • Take turns being the one to call out “Freeze!” and the one to dance. 
  • Talk about favorite actions that you and your child did during the dance, and say and do them together, exaggerating the /f/ sound (e.g., “/f/ /f/ /f/ Flop on the /f/ /f/ /f/ floor).


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