greedy gorilla

Greedy Gorilla

Greedy Gorilla
Target text


Recognize and produce the hard g sound (/g/) in a series of words that begin with that sound, such as good, get, and got.

Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • greedy
  • gorilla
  • gobble
  • grapes
  • guitar
  • gum


  • Gorilla puppet graphics  
  • Picture cards 
  • Grocery list 

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children that they will see a greedy gorilla gobble up things that begin with the hard g (/g/) sound as they listen for words that begin with the /g/ sound, such as greedy, gorilla, groceries, and gobble.

Literacy Activities
Gobble /g/ words

  • Assemble the gorilla puppet according to the instructions and make enough picture cards for each child to have one.
  • Ask one child to be the puppeteer and work the gorilla puppet, and give each of the rest of the children a picture card. 
  • Have the children with the picture cards sit in a circle while the child with the puppet stands in the middle. 
  • Tell the puppeteer in the middle to extend his arm, point his finger, close his eyes, and turn around three times. 
  • When the puppeteer stops turning, he should keep his eyes closed and keep pointing in front of himself. 
  • Whoever the puppeteer is pointing at gets to say what is on his or her card. 
  • The puppeteer will then open his eyes and make the greedy gorilla puppet pretend to gobble up the card. 
  • Have all of the children say, “Gobble, gobble, gobble! Gobble the ___ (name of the picture on the card)!” 
  • Repeat as many times as desired, allowing other children to stand in the middle and hold the greedy gorilla. 

More Practice
Repeat words with the target letter

  • Display a shopping list, explain that the greedy gorilla only likes groceries that start with /g/, and have the children watch and listen for the /g/ groceries in the list that the gorilla would like.
  • Point to each item in the list as you read them aloud.
    • If the item starts with the /g/ sound, have the children put their thumbs up as you put a green check mark by the item.
    • If the item doesn't start with the /g/ sound, look sad, and have the children put their thumbs down.
  • Read the green-checked items in the list back to the children, emphasizing the /g/ sound in each one.
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SEEL At Home



Recognize and produce the hard g sound (/g/) in a series of words that begin with that sound, such as good, get, and got.


  • Picture cards 
  • Gorilla head graphic  
  • Glass or plastic bottle

Activity: Gobbling Gorilla

  • Allow your child to attach the gorilla head graphic to the bottle.
  • Lay the bottle on its side, gorilla face up, and spread the picture cards out around the bottle.
  • Explain to your child that, in this game, the greedy gorilla wants to gobble some groceries that start with the hard g (/g/) sound, and ask your child to listen for the /g/ sound as you play the game.
  • Spin the bottle and put whichever picture card the greedy gorilla head stops at into the bottle while saying, "The greedy gorilla gobbles ___ (e.g., grapes)!" 
  • Have fun taking turns spinning the bottle and giving the greedy gorilla groceries to gobble. 
  • When the greedy gorilla has gobbled up all of the picture cards, shake the cards out of the bottle if you can, and emphasize the /g/ sound as you identify the cards together, saying, “/g/ /g/ /g/ ___ (e.g., gum)” 


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