crunching kyle

Crunching Kyle

Crunching Kyle
Target text


Recognize and produce the /k/ sound in a series of words that all begin with /k/.

Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • crunch
  • Kyle
  • keys
  • crackers
  • cake


  • Picture cards or /k/ items
  • Container
  • Paper sack puppet labeled Kyle
  • Plastic baggie with zipper seal

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children that they will feed Kyle as they listen for words that start with the /k/ sound, such as crunch, cookies, crackers, and keys.

Literacy Activities
Crunching on items with /k/

  • Draw a boy on the paper sack and introduce the children to Kyle the puppet who loves to crunch on things that start with the /k/ sound, such as cookies and cakes.
  • Show the children the picture cards or items that begin with the /k/ sound (e.g., key, crackers, carrot, candy, cake, kite).
  • Point out that the cards/items all start with the /k/ sound but not all of them are things that Kyle should crunch on. 
  • Have each child pick a /k/ item or picture card and ask, “Can Kyle crunch on ___ (the chosen item)?” 
    • If it is a food item then let the child pretend to feed the snack to Kyle. 
    • If it is not a food item, have the children say together, “Kyle can’t crunch on (a) ___ (e.g., key)!” and set the card or item aside.
  • Review the cards again with the children, inviting them to help you emphasize the /k/ sound by repeating the /k/ in front of each word (e.g., /k/ /k/ /k/ cookie).

More Practice
Repeat words with the target sound

  • Have the children draw pictures of some of the foods that Kyle likes to crunch on.
  • Ask each child to show the rest of the children one item that they drew and say the /k/ word aloud.
  • Repeat each item back to the children, emphasizing the /k/ sound (e.g., /k/ /k/ /k/ carrots), and ask the children if it is something Kyle might crunch on or not.
  • Draw a two-columned table on a whiteboard or chart, labeling one column "Crunch" and the other "Not Crunch," and let the children tape their picture up in the correct column.
  • Invite the children to help you make observations about the table using as many /k/ words as they can (e.g., "Count the /k/ words in the columns." "Carrots can go in the Crunch column.").
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SEEL At Home



Recognize and produce the /k/ sound in a series of words that all begin with /k/.


  • Paper lunch sack

Activity: Crunching Kyle

  • Have your child draw and color a picture of a boy on a paper lunch sack to make a "Kyle" puppet.
  • Look through the house and collect objects and snacks beginning with the /k/ sound (e.g., cookies, kale, keys, carrots, Kleenex).
  • Identify each item and ask, "Can Kyle crunch on ___ (the item picked)?" 
    • If it is a food item, pretend to feed it to Kyle and say together, "Kyle can crunch on ___ (e.g., cookies).
    • If the item is not food, say together, "Kyle can't crunch on ___ (e.g., Kleenex)!"
  • As you and your child put the objects and snacks away, identify them again, emphasizing the /k/ sound at the beginning of the words (e.g., /k/ /k/ /k/ keys)

picture cards

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