Monster Masks


Recognize and produce the /m/ sound in a series of words that all begin with /m/.

Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • monster
  • mask
  • macaroni
  • moon
  • marshmallows


  • Monster mask patterns 
  • Picture cards 
  • Small objects starting with /m/ (e.g., macaroni, mini marshmallows, moons, monkeys, mice)
  • Mirror (optional)
  • Book: A Halloween Mask for Monster by Virginia Mueller (optional)

The children will make monster masks as they listen for words that begin with the /m/ sound, such as moon, macaroni, marshmallows, and markers.

Literacy Activities
Make a monster mask

  • Read the book A Halloween Mask for Monster by Virginia Mueller (optional). 
  • Point out to the children that the words monster and mask both start with the /m/ sound, and ask them to listen for more /m/ words during the activity.
  • Lay all of the picture cards on a table or the floor for the children to see, then hold up the cards one at a time and ask the children to identify the pictures.
  • Have the children repeat the names of the objects together, emphasizing the /m/ sound (e.g., /m/ /m/ monkey). 
  • Give each child a pre-cut monster mask and encourage the children to decorate their masks with the /m/ objects (e.g., macaroni, mini marshmallows, moons, monkeys, mice).
  • Invite the children to take turns modeling their mask, looking in a mirror, and telling the other children what /m/ objects they put on their mask (e.g., "I put moons, monkeys, and marshmallows on my monster mask.").
  • Point out the words the children said that started with the /m/ sound and have the children echo back the words, listening for the /m/ sound.

Monster mask march

  • Assist the children in putting on their masks, play some marching music as they do a monster mask march, and have them tell you an /m/ word as they pass you (optional).

More Practice
Repeat words with the target sound

  • Have the children each tell you one /m/ thing they put on their masks as you write what they tell you on a whiteboard or chart.
  • Read the list to the children slowly, emphasizing the /m/ sound, and have them echo the words back to you.

March and say the target sound in words 

  • Have the children march and say each sound of the word mud:
    • segment sounds: say /m/ (march right), say /u/ (march left), say /d/ (march right)
    • blend sounds: jump with both feet and say mud to blend the sounds into the whole word
  • Repeat with other words that start with /m/ (e.g., mat, mop, met, more).



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