Run Around the Roses


Recognize and produce the /r/ sound in phrases or a series of words that all begin with /r/.

Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • red
  • rose
  • roll
  • run


  • 2–3 paper or plastic roses 
  • Run Around the Roses song 
  • Rosie's Roses by Pamela Duncan Edwards (optional)

The children will run around and sing about red roses while listening for words that begin with the /r/ sound, such as ring, roses, and run

Literacy Activities
Run around the roses with /r/ actions 

  • Read the book Rosie's Roses by Pamela Duncan Edwards, emphasizing the /r/ sound (optional). 
  • Have the children stand in a circle and put the roses in the middle of the circle. 
  • Teach the children the Run Around the Roses song. 
  • After the children have learned the song, have them sing it while running around the roses on the floor. 
  • As a group, make a list of different actions that start with the /r/ sound on the board (e.g., reach, roll, ride).
  • Replace the word run in the Run Around the Roses song with a different /r/ action (e.g., reach, roll, ride),  then sing the new versions of the song with corresponding actions.

More Practice
Identify the target sound

  • Sing the Run Around the Roses song again as a group and have the children clap whenever they hear a word that begins with the /r/ sound. 

Blend sounds into words 

  • Have the children blend word parts into whole words by tapping their head when they say the /r/ sound, then touching their toes when they say the ending, and finally clapping once when they say the whole word together. For example: /r/ (tap head) + /ed/ (tap toes) = red (clap hands)
    • /r/ /ed/ = red 
    • /r/ /at/ = rat 
    • /r/ /ound/ = round 
    • /r/ /oll/ = roll 

SEEL Target Texts

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Run Around the Roses (to the tune of "Ring Around a Rosy")

Run* around the roses, 
Red, red roses, 
Roses, roses, 
We all run* round! 
*replace word with different R action word for each round


SEEL At Home

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Your child will repeat phrases that begin with the /r/ sound. 


  • Picture cards 

Activity: /r/ Remember 

  • Lay the picture cards face down in columns and rows. 
  • Take turns with your child turning over two cards to try and find a match. 
  • If a match is not made, turn the cards back over so they are face down again.
  • When someone gets a match, have him or her say, "I remember r___ and r___ (insert name of picture card)." 
  • When all the matches have been found, the person with the most matches wins. 
  • After all of the matches have been found, point to each match and say together, "We remembered r___, r___, r___, etc."


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