Show Shadow Shapes


Recognize and/or produce the /sh/ sound in phrases or a series of words that all begin with /sh/.

Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • shine
  • shadow
  • show


  • Flashlight or overhead projector
  • /sh/ shapes (see below) cut out
  • /m/ shapes (see below) cut out

State and model the objective
Tell the children that they get to play with shadows and shapes while they listen for words that start with the /sh/ sound.

Playful Practice:
Shine the light to make shadow shapes

  • Hold the /sh/ shapes (see below) in front of a flashlight or place them on an overhead projector to make shapes on the wall.
  • Have the children look at the shape and guess which object is making the shadow.
  • Let the children take turns choosing an /sh/ shape to display on the wall, letting the other children guess which object is making the shadow. 

Apply the skill
Repeat words that start with the target letter

  • Mix shadows of pictures that start with the letter M (see below) with the /sh/ shapes.
  • Show the shadows of all the shapes one by one, and have the children sort which shadows start with the /sh/ sound and which start with /m/.

Tap out sounds in words

  • Have children identify the onset (beginning sound) and rime (the vowel and ending sounds) of words by tapping their head (onset) and their toes (rime) (e.g. ship = /sh/ tap head, /ip/ tap toes). Point out that all of the words begin with the /sh/ sound.
    • ship = /sh/ /ip/
    • sheep = /sh/ /eep/
    • shoe = /sh/ /oe/
    • shell = /sh/ /ell/
  • Have children blend individual sounds into words by the by tapping their head (beginning), and toes (end) and then clapping to say the whole word (e.g. /sh/ tap head, /ip/ tap toes = ship clap hands)
    • /sh/ /ip/  = ship
    • /sh/ /eep/ = sheep
    • /sh/ /oe/ = shoe
    • /sh/ /ell/= shell



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