Spools Spin on Spots

Spools Spin on Spots
Target text


Recognize the /sp/ blend in words (e.g., spout, spill, spin, and spool) and phrases (spill spools on spots and spaces).

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • spin
  • spot
  • spill
  • spool
  • spout
  • splash


  • Spools
  • A large spoon 
  • Spouts (top cut off water bottles) 
  • Spray bottle and a bowl with a small amount of water
  • Spots*
  • Spin Spools target text*

*Items included below.

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children that they will hear /sp/ in spin, spools, and spouts as they will spin, spill, and spoon spools and spouts.

Literacy Activities
Spin spools on spots

  • Spread out the spots (see below) and comment on spots and spaces (e.g., “Spots, spots, spots,” “Spots and spaces, spots and spaces”).
  • Let the children spill and spin spools and spouts on spots or in spaces as you make comments like the following:
    • Spill spouts and spools. Spill, spill, spill spouts.
    • Spin, spin, spin a spool, spin a spool on spots and in spaces.
    • Spin, spin, spin a spout, spin a spout on spots and in spaces.

Put spouts and spools in a spoon

  • Let the children spoon up spools and spouts.
  • Have the children spoon and spill the spouts from the spoon. 
  • Let the children spoon spouts or spools onto spots.
  • Let the children spill spots from a spoon.  
  • Comment on the spilling and spooning of spouts and spoons:
    • Spill spools on spots (or spaces).
    • Spill spouts on spots.
    • Spoon spouts and spools in spaces.
    • Spoon spoils and spouts on spots.
    • Spill and sprinkle spools (or spouts or spoons) on a space.
    • Spools and spouts go splat!
    • Spin spools and spouts on spots and in spaces.

Splash spools and spouts    

  • Drop spools in water so the spools make a splat, splash, and splatter.
  • Spray, splash, and splatter spools or spouts with water.
  • Comment on spinning, spilling, and splashing spools and spouts in water:
    • Spin spools and splash.
    • Spin spouts and splish splash.
    • Use a spoon to splash spools and spouts.  
    • Splash spoons, spouts, and spools.
    • Spin spools on spots.
    • Spin spools on spaces.
    • Spin spools and spouts on spots and spaces.
    • Sponge up the splashes.
    • Sponge up the spills. 
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SEEL Target Texts

Spin Spools

Spin a spool.
Did the spool stop on a spot?
Did the spool stop in a space?  
Spill spools.
Did the spools spill in a space?
Did the spools spill on a spot?
Spoon spools.
Did you spoon spools on a spot?
Did you spoon spools in a space?
Spin a spout.
Did the spout stop on a spot?
Did the spout stop in a space?
Spill spouts.
Did the spouts stop on a spot?
Did a spout stop in a space?
Spill, spoon, and spin spools.
And spill, spoon, and spin spouts. 
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