T Time


Recognize and/or produce the /t/ sound in a series of words that all begin with /t/.

Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • time
  • turn
  • take
  • tap
  • twirl
  • toss


  • Clock face (see below)
  • T-shaped spinner for clock (see below)
  • Brass brad to attach T-shaped spinner to clock face as clock hands
  • Uppercase letter T (see below)––1 for each child
  • T Actions target text (see below)
  • Tasty treat for the children (optional)

State and model the objective
Tell the children they are going to take turns twirling the letter T as they listen for words that start with the /t/ sound.  

Practice the skill within and activity
Twirl, toss, and turn the T

  • Pass out an uppercase letter (see below) to each child, and have the children sit in a circle around the T- shaped spinner.
  • Read the T Actions target text (see below) and have the children try each of the actions, then explain that they will each have a turn twirling the spinner to see what action everyone will do together.
  • Ask a child to twirl the spinner by saying, “It’s your turn to twirl the T.”
  • Tell the children to say, "It's T time!" when the T-shaped spinner stops on a number.
  • Invite the children to perform the T action that matches that number in the target text (see below).
  • Play the game so each child has a turn to twirl the spinner.  
  • Reward all of the children with a tasty treat (optional).

Apply the skill
Identify the target letter

  • Ask the children, “What can we do with the letter T?” Have children answer, “We can t___ the T.”  (e.g., "We can twirl the T." "We can turn the T.")
  • Write the phrases on the board and let the children take turns circling the letter T.
  • Read the list to the children and have the children touch their toes every time they hear a word that begins with the letter T, supporting as necessary.

SEEL Target Texts

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T Actions

1: Twirl with your T.
2: Toss your T in the air.
3: Turn your T upside down. 
4: Take your T to the closest table.
5: Tap your T on the ground two times.
6: Touch your T to your toes.
7: Twist back and forth with your T.
8: Trot in place with your T.
9: Tip your T sideways.
10: Topple your T to the floor (hold it high and drop it to the floor).
11: Turn and pass your T to another student close by.
12: Tick your T in a circle like a clock.


SEEL At Home

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Recognize and/or produce the /t/ sound in a series of words that all begin with /t/.


  • T action list and capital letter (see below)

Activity: It's T Time

  • Read an action from the T action list (see below) and have your child use the uppercase letter T (see below) to perform the action.
  • Repeat the activity as many times as desired.
  • Read each sentence on the action list, pointing to the letter T when it appears at the beginning of words and allowing your child to circle each letter T.t-action-list
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