Tent with Ts


Recognize and/or produce the /t/ sound in a series of words that all begin with /t/.

Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • tent
  • tarp
  • trees
  • trail


  • Sheet or large cloth (for making a tent using chairs)
  • Large plastic bag (cut to be a tarp)
  • Letter T's (see below)
  • T tags (see below)
  • Other cutout letters (see below) (e.g., M, P, B, S)
  • T objects or pictures (see below) (e.g., towel, train, tree)

State and model the objective
Tell the children they are going to set up a T tent and fill it with objects that start with the letter T while they listen for words that begin with the /t/ sound.

Practice the skill within and activity
Set up a tent

  • Have the children follow the T trail (line of letter cut-outs on the ground) to an open space in the room.
  • Take a cutout letter T, put it on the ground, and tell the children that this is where they will place the tent.
  • Explain to the children that before they can set up a tent they have to put down a tarp (a plastic sheet to keep water out of the tent), then have the children help you put down the tarp.
  • Have children help you set up the tent by draping the sheet over chairs.


  • Let children cut out pictures of trees.
  • Make a pile of cutout letters (e.g., TM, P, B, S) and ask the children to find the cutout Ts then put them next to or on the trees and the tent. 
  • Have children find objects and pictures in the room that start with the /t/ sound (e.g., tools, train, towel), tape T tags on the objects and pictures and put them in the tent.
  • Pretend that the tent is tipping. Say, “Don’t tip the tent!”

Apply the skill
Repeat words with the target letter

  • Have the children tell you how to take a trek on the T trail to set up the tent. Emphasize the Ts and phrases with the /t/ sound.
  • Have the children take the T trail back to their tent but by only stepping on Ts and saying the /t/ sound every time they do.
  • Ask the children to help you create a tongue twister with the T words that you have talked about and let everyone have fun trying to say it.


SEEL At Home

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Recognize and/or produce the /t/ sound in a series of words that all begin with /t/.


  • Uppercase letter Ts (see below) cut out
  • T picture cards (see below)
  • Objects that begin with the /t/ sound'
  • A blanket to use to build a tent
  • Tarp (or a large towel)
  • Chairs

Activity: Tent with Ts

  • Have your child make a T trail (using the cutout Ts) to where he or she wants to set up the tent.
  • Follow the T trail together. Have him or her put down a tarp and set up a tent by draping a blanket over chairs.
  • Have your child find objects that start with the /t/ sound or use the picture cards to put in their tent.
  • Have your child put the cutout Ts on the tent and T objects or picture cards.
  • Pretend that the tent is tipping and say, "Don't tip the tent!"letter-t
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