topsy turvy tent

Topsy Turvy Tent

Topsy Turvy Tent
Target text


Recognize and/or produce the /t/ sound in a series of words that all begin with /t/.

Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • tip 
  • tap
  • tent
  • tilt
  • touch
  • tipsy
  • topple


  • Cardboard folded in half or file folder
  • Letter cards*
  • Brown paper (optional)

*Items included below.

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children that they will make tipsy, topsy, turvy tents and will put lots of T’s on the tents that can tip and topple over with a touch or tap.
Literacy Activities
Put T’s on a tent

  • Have the children put T’s on a small, cardboard tent.
  • Make comments: A T tent! A T tent with T’s.  
  • Place T’s (found below) in a line to become stepping stones that lead to the tent.
  • Say, “take T’s to the tent” and finger walk to the tent.
  • Put a T tag on the tent.

Touch, tap, and tip the tent 

  • Show how the tent is tipsy if touched or tapped.
  • Highlight phrases with /t/
    • "Touch the tent to make it tip."
    • "Tipsy, topsy-turvy tent."
    • "Tap the tent to topple the tent."
    • "The tent tilts and tips."
    • "Tap and tip the tent over."
    • "Topple the tent with T’s."
    • "The tent tips and tilts with a tap and touch."

Make a trail with T’s to the tent

  • Have the children twist brown paper to make a tree (optional).
  • Have the children put lots of T’s on the tent and in the tree.
  • Have the children write T’s on slips of paper.
  • Let them put their T’s in a trail to the tent.

Take the T trail away from the tent 

  • Place T’s in a line with other letters around them on the ground.
  • Help the children to follow a T trail— step only on stepping stones that have a T on them.
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