vest with vs

Vest with Vs

Vest with Vs
Target text


Recognize and produce the /v/ sound in a series of words that all begin with /v/.

Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • vest
  • van
  • Velcro


  • Vest or vest graphic 
  • Velcro (several pieces attached to the vest) 
  • Picture cards with Velcro on back

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children that they will Velcro things on a very cool vest as they listen for words that start with the /v/ sound, such as violin, van, valentine, and vase

Literacy Activities
Put /v/ things on a very cool vest 

  • Show the children the picture cards, help them identify the cards, and explain that each picture starts with the /v/ sound.
  • Invite a child to put on the very cool vest.
  • Invite other children, one at a time, to pick up a picture card, identify it, and attach it to the very cool vest with Velcro. 
  • When all the pictures are on the vest, take them off and repeat with a different child wearing the very cool vest. 

More Practice
Repeat words with the target letter 

  • Go through the picture cards one by one, having the children repeat, “We put a ___ (e.g., van) on our very cool vest!” 
  • Give each child a blank picture of a vest, and have him or her color pictures of /v/ things on his or her very cool vest. 
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SEEL At Home



Recognize and produce the /v/ sound in a series of words that all begin with /v/


  • Vest graphic 
  • Picture cards 
  • Items that start with /v/
  • Crayons 

Activity: A Very Cool Vest

  • Help your child identify the picture cards and point out to him or her that they all start with the /v/ sound. 
  • Have your child place the picture cards on the vest graphic while saying, "A ___ (e.g., vase) can go on my very cool vest!" 
  • Walk through the house with your child, looking for more things that start with /v/ to put on his or her vest. 
  • After you have gathered more /v/ items, have your child draw pictures of them on the back of the vest graphic or a separate piece of paper. 
  • Review all the things you found together that start with the /v/ sound, and identify them with your child, emphasizing the /v/ sound.

V Picture Cards

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