Watch Worms Wiggle

Watch Worms Wiggle
Target text


Recognize and produce the /w/ sound in a series of words that all begin with /w/.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • wet 
  • worm
  • warm
  • wave
  • water
  • wiggle
  • waggle
  • winter


  • Small amount of warm water
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Worms made from paper, straw wrappers or tissue paper
  • Washable marker (optional)

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children that they will let worms wiggle, wander and get wet, and that they will listen for words that begin with the /w/ sound, such as watchwormwiggle, and wait.
Literacy Activity
Watch wet worms wiggle

  • Help the children create worms- here are a few ways:
    • Draw eyes and a smile with a marker on the tip of a finger to make a wiggly worm.
    • Twist pipe cleaners or fold a paper worm along its "segments."
    • Slide the paper wrapper from a straw to one end so it compacts and then slide it off the straw.
  • Tell the children to wait and watch as your worm gets wet in warm water.
  • State that you hear /w/ in "Wet worms wiggle and waggle in warm water."
  • Let the children get their "wiggly worms" wet with warm water and watch the worms wiggle.

Let the wiggly worms do different things

  • Give the children a paper or pipe cleaner worm and a little bit of warm water.
  • Emphasize the /w/ sound as you invite the children to have their worms do the following:
    • Wake up the wiggly worm!
    • Wiggle and waggle the worm.
    • Wiggle the worm wildly.
    • Will the wiggly worm walk? (No, worms only wiggle.)
    • Will worms wiggle and waggle in the wind?
    • Will worms wiggle in warm water?

Ask questions and make comments about the wiggly worms

  • Do you wish to watch wet worms wiggle as they wander?
  • Can the worm wiggle and waggle and wander?
  • Can the worm wiggle in the warm water?
  • Can the wiggly worm wave?
  • Do you wish to watch my wiggly worm wake up and wiggle?
  • Do you like to wildly wiggle your wet worm?
  • Do you let your wiggle worm wander in wet warm water?
  • Does your wiggle worm wish for windy, winter weather?
  • Worms do not wander out in winter.
  • Worms wander when they are wet.
  • Worms wiggle as they wander but don't walk as they wander.
  • Wiggly worms wiggle in warm weather and don't want to wiggle and wander in winter.
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