Zoe at the Zoo


  • Recognize and/or produce the /z/ sound in a series of words that all begin with /z/.
  • Point to words in a text (see below) to demonstrate print awareness. 

Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • zoo
  • zebra
  • zip
  • zoom
  • Zoe


  • Bumblebee graphics (see below)
  • Zebra graphic (see below)
  • Zoe at the Zoo target text (see below)

State and model the objective  
Tell the children they are going to follow Zoe, the bumblebee, through the zoo while listening for words that begin with the /z/ sound.

Practice the skill within an activity

  • Zipping through the zoo with Zoe
    • Hide the zebra graphic (see below) somewhere in the room.
    • Display the enlarged copy of Zoe at the Zoo (see target text below) for all the children to see.
    • Read the story to the children, pointing at each word as you read it and inviting the children to say the "ZZZZZZZ" parts.
    • Give each child a bumblebee graphic then read the story again and let the children make their bumblebees do the actions that occur in the text (i.e., zip - short, quick moves; zoom - flying moves; zig-zag - go one way then the other).
    • Write the words on the board that the children remember from the activity that start with /z/.

Apply the skill

  • Repeat words with the target letter
    • Tell the children to listen for the /z/ sound as you tell another story about Zoe and have them repeat the phrases
      • Zoe zips around the zoo.
      • Zoe zig zags around the zoo.
      • Zoe zooms around the zoo.
      • Zoe zips, zig zags, and zooms around the zoo.
      • ZZZZZZoom.  ZZZZZZip.  ZZZZZZig ZZZZZZag. 

SEEL Target Texts

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Zoe at the Zoo

Zoe, the bumblebee, is zipping and zooming through the zoo.
Zipping here. Zipping there.
Zoe is zooming through the zoo to find her friend Zack, the zebra.
Zooming up, zooming down.
Zoe is zig-zagging through the zebra house.
Zigging this way. Zagging that way.
Zoe sees some zebras!
Zoe zooms around the zebra house, trying to find Zack.
Zoe zips and zigs zags.
There is Zack the Zebra!


SEEL At Home

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Recognize and/or produce the /z/ sound in a series of words that all begin with /z/.


  • Zoe the Bumblebee graphic (see below)
  • Craft stick or pencil
  • Zack the Zebra graphic (see below)

Activity: Zoe at the Zoo

  • Before the activity, hide the zebra graphic (see below) somewhere in the room.
  • Help your child to attach the bumblebee graphic to a craft stick or pencil as a stick puppet and introduce your child to Zoe the Bumblebee.
  • Ask your child what sound a bumblebee makes ("zzzzzz").
  • Have your child make the /z/ sound as they zip and zoom around the room with Zoe looking for Zack the Zebra.  
  • When your child finds the zebra graphic, say, "Zoe zipped and zoomed to find the Zach the Zebra!" 
  • Ask your child to listen for and join you in making the /z/ sound as you tell about Zoe:
    • Zoe zips and zooms. Zoe zigs and zags. Zoe goes "zzzzzzzz" as she zips and zooms. Zoe goes "zzzzzzzz" as she zigs and zags.
  • Tell about Zoe again, allowing your child to zip and zoom and zig zag with Zoe as you make Zack do the actions, too.bumblebee-and-zebra


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