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B Banner
Target text


Recognize and name the letter B.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • big
  • banner
  • blue
  • bows
  • buttons


  • Big sheet of blue butcher paper
  • Objects or pictures of objects that begin with B
  • Black, blue, and brown markers
  • Letter cards

The children will write the letter B on a big blue banner as they recognize and name the letter B.

Literacy Activities
Big blue banner 

  • Write the letter B on a whiteboard, name the letter, and have the children write the B in the air with their fingers. 
  • Show the children the big blue sheet of butcher paper, then explain to the children that this will be their B banner and that banner starts with the letter B
  • Have the children write the letter on pictures of objects that begin with B, or have them write on sticky notes to label real objects. 
  • Work together with the children to attach the objects or pictures to the big blue banner.

More Practice
Write the target letters

  • Write a large letter B on the banner. 
  • Help the children use black, blue, and brown markers to write the letter B on the banner, using the letter you wrote as the model. 
  • As the children write, point out the shapes included in the letter B (i.e., lines and half-circles). 

Find the letter B 

  • Cut out the letter cards and mix them up. 
  • Let the children each choose a letter card. 
  • Help the children decide whether or not the letter is a B, providing support as needed. 
    • If a child mistakenly identifies a distractor letter as the letter B, have him or her look at the letter B on the whiteboard and compare it to the letter he or she picked.
  • Let the children tape or glue a B letter card to the banner. 
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SEEL At Home



Recognize and name the letter B


  • Blue construction paper 
  • Picture cards
  • Additional objects or pictures of things beginning with the letter B (optional) 

Activity: B Banner 

  • Attach the picture cards of things that begin with B to a piece of blue construction paper to make a banner. 
  • After you have finished attaching all of the pictures, help your child write the letter B under each picture using a black, blue, or brown marker. 
  • Help your child find additional objects or pictures of things that begin with the letter B to attach to the banner (optional). 

B Picture Cards

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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.