cody likes candy

Cody Likes Candy

Cody Likes Candy
Target text


Recognize and name the uppercase letter C and the lowercase letter c.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • can
  • cake
  • cookie
  • candy
  • color
  • collect


  • Letter cards
  • Cans or cups
  • Picture cards
  • Puppet graphics or picture of a boy
  • Paper lunch bag
  • C color page
  • Explore for C letter page

The children will feed a puppet named Cody snacks that start with the letter as they recognize and name the uppercase letter C and the lowercase letter c.

Literacy Activities
Collect Cs

  • Write the uppercase letter C and lowercase letter c on a whiteboard, name the letters, and have the children write the C and c in the air with their fingers.
  • Place uppercase C and lowercase c letter cards around the room along with other letters.
  • Using cans or cups, have the children search the room for the C letter cards.
    • If they find a C card, have them say, “I found a C! I’ll put the C in a can (or cup).”
    • If the card they find is not a C, have them place it in a discard pile.
  • After all of the letter cards have been found, shuffle the cards back together.
  • Review the cards with the children and have them clap each time you show them a letter C card.

Feed Cody C foods

  • Cut out and assemble the Cody puppet per the instructions or use a picture of a boy.
  • Put the picture cards in a can or cup.
  • Show the children the Cody puppet and tell them that Cody only eats foods that start with C.
  • Let the children remove a picture card from the can. Check to make sure it starts with and let them circle the letter C in the word.
  • Have the children feed the C foods to Cody saying, “Cody can crunch on _____.”

Create Colorful Cs

  • Give the children the C color page and crayons. Let them choose from one or more of the following options:
    • Draw cakes and cookies on your C.
    • Create a crazy, colorful by tracing the C with different colors.
    • Write both the uppercase C and the lowercase c in different colors around the edge of the big C.

More Practice
Find the target letter mixed in with other letters

  • Display the Explore for C letter page of mixed up letters and have the children find and circle all the uppercase Cs and lowercase cs (support as needed).
  • Have the children say, “I found a C!” every time they circle an uppercase or lowercase letter C.
    • If a child misidentifies a distractor letter as the letter C, then refer the child to the letters C and c on the whiteboard and ask, “Does this letter look like the letter on the board?”
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