d for a dollar

D for a Dollar

D for a Dollar
Target text


Recognize and name the letter D.


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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • dollar
  • desk
  • drop
  • different


  • Letter cards
  • Price tags
  • Pretend dollar bills
  • Small pieces of paper

The children will go to a pretend dollar store to buy the letter D as they recognize and name the letter D.

Literacy Activities
Dollar store

  • Set up a pretend dollar store with price tags attached to D letter cards.
  • Write the letter D on a whiteboard, name the letter, and have the children write the D in the air with their fingers.
  • Pass out pretend dollar bills to the children and have them circle the letter D in the word dollar.
  • Tell the children they can drop their dollar on the desk to buy a D letter card.
  • When they get their letter card, invite them to write the letter D on the line on the price tag.

More Practice
Write the target letter

  • Let the children make their own letter cards to sell by writing the letter D (support as needed) on small pieces of paper using different colored crayons.
  • Attach the price tags to the D letter cards the children created, then repeat the dollar store game, letting the children buy a different D for a dollar.

Play Hide and Seek with Ds

  • Count how many D letter cards you have, mix in some distractor letter cards, and then hide the letter cards around the room.
  • Remind the children what the letter D looks like by writing it on the board.
  • Invite the children to look for letter cards, bring them to the board, and tell you whether the card is a or a different letter.
  • Have the children tape the D letter cards to the board, and put the distractor cards in a pile.
    • If a child misidentifies a distractor letter as a D, ask them if that letter looks like the letter on the board, then have them put their card in the pile.
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SEEL At Home



Recognize and name the letter D.


  • Pretend dollar bills
  • Price tags
  • Letter cards
  • Small pieces of paper

Activity: D for a Dollar

  • Set up a pretend dollar store with price tags attached to letter cards.
  • Have your child circle the letter D in the word dollar on pretend dollar bills.
  • Let your child buy D letter cards in the store with his or her dollars.
  • Allow your child to make his or her own dollar cards to sell by writing the letter D (provide support as needed) on small pieces of paper using different colored crayons. 
  • Attach the price tags to the new D letter cards, then repeat the dollar store activity, but this time you buy a D for a dollar from your child.
  • When you have finished the game, have your child mark the price tags by writing the letter D on the line (support as needed).Dollar Bills and Tags
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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.