Find I in the Igloo


Recognize and name the uppercase letter I and lowercase letter i


Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • igloo
  • in
  • imagine


  • Igloo graphic (see below)
  • A white box, plastic bowl or cup
  • Letter cards (see below)

State and model the objective

Tell the children they will play a game with an igloo as they recognize and name the uppercase letter I and the lowercase letter i.

Practice the skill within an activity

Put the letter I in the igloo

  • Write the uppercase letter I and the lowercase letter i on a whiteboard, name the letters and have the children write the I and i in the air with their fingers.
  • Help the children make an igloo by turning a white box, plastic bowl or cup upside down and cutting out a door then attaching the igloo graphic (see below).
  • Place the cut-out letter cards around the room (see below).
  • Have the children find the letter cards and name the letters, providing assistance as necessary.
    • If the letter is an I or i, have the child put the letter in the igloo.
    • If the letter is not an I or i, have the child put it in a discard pile.
    • If a child mistakenly identifies a letter card that is not a letter i then have him/her look at the letter i or I on the whiteboard and compare it to the letter they found to see if it is the same.
  • Let the children imagine (explain that imagine means to pretend) that they are crawling inside the igloo to find the letter I.

Apply the skill

Play ABC hide and seek with uppercase and lowercase letters

  • Provide uppercase I and lowercase i letter cards (see below).
  • Have the children count the cards to determine how many uppercase/lowercase letters they will need to find.
  • Choose two children to hide the cards in a designated area.
  • Set a timer and send two small groups with an assignment to find the uppercase letters or lowercase letters.
  • As a group, have children identify the letters they have found.
  • Play another game if time permits.
  • Write the target letters
    • Let the children write the letters I and i on small pieces of paper.
    • Have the children put the new letters in the igloo.



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1. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.K.1.D: Recognize and name all upper and lower case letters in the alphabet.