Find I in the Igloo


Recognize and name the uppercase letter I and lowercase letter i.


Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • igloo
  • in
  • imagine


  • Igloo graphic
  • A white box, plastic bowl, or cup
  • Letter cards

The children will play a game with an igloo as they recognize and name the uppercase letter I and the lowercase letter i.

Literacy Activities
Put the letter I in the igloo

  • Write the uppercase letter I and the lowercase letter i on a whiteboard, name the letters and have the children write the I and i in the air with their fingers.
  • Help the children make an igloo by turning a white box, plastic bowl or cup upside down and cutting out a door and then attaching the igloo graphic.
  • Place the cut-out letter cards around the room.
  • Have the children find the letter cards and name the letters, providing assistance when necessary.
    • If the letter is an uppercase letter I or a lowercase letter i, have the child put the letter in the igloo.
    • If the letter is not an I or i, have the child put it in the discard pile.
    • If a child mistakenly identifies a letter card that is not a letter I, have him or her look at the letter I or i on the whiteboard and compare it to the letter they found to see if it is the same.
  • Let the children imagine that they are crawling inside the igloo to find the letter I. Explain that imagine means to pretend.

More Practice
Play ABC hide and seek

  • Provide uppercase I and lowercase i letter cards.
  • Have the children count the cards to determine how many uppercase or lowercase letters they will need to find.
  • Choose two children to hide the cards around the room.
  • Set a timer and send two small groups to find the uppercase letters or lowercase letters.
  • As a group, have the children identify the letters they have found.
  • Play another game if time permits.

Write the target letters

  • Let the children write the letters I and i on small pieces of paper.
  • Have the children put the new letters in the igloo.



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1. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.K.1.D: Recognize and name all upper- and lowercase letters in the alphabet.