Incredible I


Recognize and name the uppercase letter I and lowercase letter i


Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • incredible
  • inspect
  • imagine
  • impossible


  • I color page (see below)
  • Magnifying glass
  • Letter cards (see below)
  • Inspect I letter-finding page (see below)
  • I handwriting practice page (see below)

State and model the objective

Tell the children that they will make and inspect incredible letter Is as they recognize and name the uppercase letter I and the lowercase letter i.

Practice the skill within an activity

Incredible I

  • Write the uppercase letter I and the lowercase letter i on a whiteboard, name the letters, and have the children write the I and i in the air with their fingers.
  • Give the children an I color page and markers or crayons and invite them to decorate the I to make it incredible (amazing or wonderful).
  • Make comments such as the following throughout the activity to emphasize words that start with the letter I:
    • Imagine making an incredible I.
    • It is not impossible to make an incredible I.
  • Have the children lay their incredible I pages on their desks, then invite them to walk around inspecting (looking at) each other's incredible artwork.

Inspect the I

  • Place letter cards (see below) around the room (see below).
  • Tell the children to use a magnifying glass to inspect each letter card to decide if it is the letter I or i or not.
    • When a child finds the letter i (or I) have the child say “I found an i!”
    • If a child finds a distractor letter card, have him or her put it in a discard pile.
  • If a child mistakenly identifies a letter card that is not a letter I then have him/her look at the letter I or i on the whiteboard and compare it to the letter they found to see if it is the same.

Apply the skill

Find the target letter mixed in with other letters (see below)

  • Display the page of mixed up letters and have the children inspect the page to find and circle each I and i.
  • When the children find an I or an i, have them say, “I found an I!”
  • If a child misidentifies a distractor letter as the letter I then refer the child to the letter I and i on the whiteboard and ask, “Does this letter look like the letter on the board?”
  • Once the children have found all of the Is, have them make the Is incredible by coloring them.

Write I.

  • Give the children the handwriting practice page (see below) and let them trace the I and i letters then write the letters on their own using the lines as a guide.
  • Let the children color their I and i letters to make them incredible when they finish writing (optional).



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1. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.K.1.D: Recognize and name all upper and lower case letters in the alphabet.