jiggle and jive!

Jiggle and Jive!

Jiggle and Jive!
Target text


Recognize and name the uppercase letter J and the lowercase letter j.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • jab
  • jive
  • jump
  • jiggle
  • juggle
  • jog


  • Letter cards
  • Jar with a J on it
  • Jiggle and Jive song
  • J color page
  • Jewel graphic
  • Explore for J letter page
  • J writing practice

The children are going to jiggle and jive with the letter J as they recognize and name the uppercase letter J and the lowercase letter j.

Literacy Activities
Jiggle and Jive to find Js

  • Write the letters J and j on a whiteboard, name the letters and have the children write the uppercase letter J and the lowercase letter j in the air with their fingers.
  • Place the letter cards around the room.
  • Have the children jiggle and jive (shake their bodies) as they move around looking for Js.
  • Set out a jar with the uppercase letter J and the lowercase letter j on it.
  • When the children find a J letter card have them say, “I found a J! I’ll put my J in the J jar” and jiggle and jive to go put their letter in the jar.
    • Make sure that a child doesn't put any of the distractor letters in the J jar by having him or her compare the distractor letter to the letters on the jar.

Jiggle and Jive with Js

  • Teach the children the Jiggle and Jive song to the tune of The Hokey Pokey.
  • Have each child choose a J and a j from the J jar.
  • Teach the children that jab means to poke something, then have them stand in a circle with a J in the middle that the children jab at with their Js.
  • Sing the Jiggle and Jive song and have the children act it out with their Js.

Jewel Js

  • Give the children the big J page and tell them to cover the big J by drawing over it with little js.
  • Show the children the jewel graphic and have them decorate the jewel with Js.

More Practice
Find the Js in a text

  • Read the song Jiggle and Jive.
  • Help the children identify and point out all the Js in the text.

Find the target letter mixed in with other letters

  • Tell the children they will find more Js on a paper.
  • Display the page of mixed-up letters and have the children find and circle the uppercase Js and lowercase js.
  • Have the children say, “I found a J!” every time they circle an uppercase or lowercase letter J.

Write Js

  • Give the children the writing practice page.
  • Let the children trace the Js, then write the Js on their own using the lines as a guide.
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SEEL Target Texts

Jiggle and Jive

Jiggle and Jive
Jab your J in.
Jiggle your J out. 
Jab your J in.
And jiggle it about.
Jab your small j in.
Jiggle your small j out.
Jab your small j in.
And jiggle it about.
Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle. 
Jive, jive, jive.
Jiggle, jump and jive!
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