Little Leaping Leprechauns

Little Leaping Leprechauns
Target text


Recognize and name the uppercase letter L and lowercase letter l.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • little
  • leap
  • leprechaun
  • loop
  • link


  • Green and yellow construction paper—cut into strips
  • Leprechaun graphics
  • Letter cards

The children will make loops for Ls and leprechauns as they recognize and name the uppercase letter L and the lowercase letter l.

Literacy Activities
Link the letter L

  • Write the uppercase letter L and the lowercase letter l on a whiteboard, name the letters, and have the children write the L and l in the air with their fingers.
  • Have the children decorate the paper strips by writing the uppercase letter L and lowercase letter l on the strips (support as needed).
  • Help the children make long chains by looping the paper strips and linking them together using a stapler, tape, or glue. 

Loops for leprechauns

  • Mix up the letter cards and have the children choose a card one at a time.
  • Decide as a group whether or not each letter is an uppercase letter L or a lowercase letter l.
    • If the letter is an L, have one of the children attach it to one of the loops in the chain.
    • If the letter is not an L, have the children place it in the discard pile.
    • If a child misidentifies a distractor letter as an L or an l, have him or her look at the L and l on the whiteboard and compare them to the letter he or she picked. 
  • Help the children attach leprechaun graphics to the loops in the chains as you say phrases such as "Ls on loops," and "Link leprechauns to L loops!" Encourage the children to say the phrases with you.
  • Hang the chain of little leaping leprechauns and L loops around the room. 

More Practice
Create the target letter

  • Have the children practice making an uppercase letter L and lowercase l in creative ways with their bodies (like using their arms, fingers, or having one person standing up and one person lying down by their feet, etc.). 
  • Each time the class makes the letter L with a body part, have the class say together, "Look, it's L!"
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SEEL At Home


Recognize and name the uppercase letter L and lowercase letter l.


  • Letter cards
  • Leprechaun graphic

Activity: Little Leaping Leprechauns

  • Mix up the letter cards and help your child sort through the cards to find the Ls, placing the letter Ls by the leprechaun and setting aside the other cards.
  • Tell your child, "Today, we get to pretend to be leprechauns! Leprechauns bring good luck by secretly doing nice things for people."
  • Leap like leprechauns together around your house and do small, secret good deeds (e.g., make someone's bed, pick up someone's toys, give someone a treat, or put someone's clothes away). 
  • After doing a good deed, say together, "The L leprechauns were here," and leave an L letter card near the place where you did the good deed.
  • Continue doing small, secret good deeds until you have no more L letter cards. 
  • Have your child decorate the leprechaun graphic by writing the uppercase letter L and lowercaseon it.


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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.