gobs and globs on bob

Gobs and Globs on Bob

Gobs and Globs on Bob
Target text


Rhyme, blend, and segment words that end in ob.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • Bob
  • gob
  • job
  • slob
  • glob


  • Brown paper
  • Plastic page protector
  • Picture of a dog*
  • Slob sign*

*Items included below.

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children that they will read about a dog named Bob and will play with words that rhyme with Bob, such as job, gob, slob, and glob.

Literacy Activities
Read about Bob the slob

  • Read the following story about Bob the slob and do the corresponding actions.
Say: Do:
I have a dog named Bob. Show the picture of a dog (see below).
Bob is a slob. Choose a child to put the Slob sign (see below) on the dog.
Bob played in globs of mud. Put the dog picture in a plastic page protector (or laminate it), and have the children scribble on Bob with dry erase markers.
Bob played in gobs of mud. Have the children place gobs of mud (crumpled balls of brown paper) around the dog.
Now, we have to clean up after Bob the slob! Help the children start cleaning up the mess.
It is a job to clean up after Bob. Have the children wipe the marker off Bob.
What a job! Throw the paper in the trash and pretend to be exhausted.
Do you want the job of cleaning up after Bob? Wait for the children to respond.
  • Have the children chant, “Bob the slob! Clean up Bob! What a job!” and clap every time they hear an -ob word.

Produce and recognize -ob rhyming words

  • List -ob rhyming words and point out the -ob endings.
  • Remind the children of words that rhyme with Bob (e.g., job, gob, glob, slob).
  • Ask the children to think of words that rhyme with Bob, and provide some suggestions.
  • Ask the children if two words rhyme.
  • If the words rhyme (e.g., Bob and slob), nod and say, "Bob and slob rhyme,” but if the words don’t rhyme (e.g., Bob and cat), say, “Bob and cat don’t rhyme!”

Blend and segment rhyme words

  • Segment -ob rhyme words into initial consonant + ending (e.g., j + ob) and ask, “What did I say?”
  • Segment words into phonemes (e.g., j + o + b) and ask, “What word did I say?”
  • Review -ob words and their sounds (e.g., Look at the word gob. The first sound is /g/, the final sound is /b/, and the vowel sound in the middle is /o/.).
  • Have the children say each sound with you, and then say the word (e.g., g + o + b, gob).
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SEEL At Home


Recognize and produce words that rhyme with Bob.    


  • Brown paper
  • Picture of a dog* 

*Items included below.     

Activity: Bob the Slob

  • Show your child the picture of a dog (see below) and tell your child about it.
    • The dog’s name is Bob.
    • Bob is a slob and loves to make a mess.
    • Bob played in globs of mud.
  • Let your child tear up pieces of brown paper and place them (the globs of mud) on Bob the dog.
  • Tell your child that you have to clean up the mess because Bob played in globs of mud.
  • Clean the pieces of brown paper off Bob.
  • Together, chant, “Bob the slob! Clean up Bob! What a job!”
  • Have your child clap when he or she hears a word that ends in ob.
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