pop, hop and stop

Pop, Hop and Stop

Pop, Hop and Stop
Target text


Recognize words that rhyme with pop (e.g., "Do hop and pop rhyme?") and produce rhyme words (e.g., "Think of a word that rhymes with pop.").

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • pop
  • hop
  • stop
  • top
  • plop


  • Popcorn popper (e.g., air popper) (optional)
  • Pot with a paper lid with a hole in the top and popcorn hidden inside
  • Un-popped popcorn kernels 
  • A few small containers to hold popcorn kernels  
  • Popped popcorn (or popcorn graphic)
  • Popcorn Pops chant (see target text below)

The children will pop popcorn as they recognize and produce words that rhyme with pop, such as hop, stop, top, plop, and mop. 

Literacy Activities

Pop Popcorn

  • Let the children drop popcorn kernels into the popper or into the hole in the pot’s lid. 
  • Have the children say, “drop, drop, drop” and "plop, plop, plop" as they drop and plop popcorn in the popper.
  • Watch the popcorn pop and hop out of the popper (or flick the paper popcorn out of the pot so that it ‘hops’ and ‘pops’). 
  • Invite the children to say, "hop, hop, hop" and "pop, pop, pop" as the popcorn hops and pops. 
  • Pretend to let the popcorn fill the room to the top and comment on how the popcorn pops and hops up to the top of the room.  
  • When done, have the children yell "stop the pop!"
  • Have the children tell you all the words they heard in the activity that rhyme with pop as they eat a few popped kernels.

More Practice

Read a target text to the children 

  • Display the chant Popcorn Pops (see target text below) large enough for the children to easily see. 
  • Read the text to the children, pointing to each word in left to right sequence.  
  • Invite the children to repeat predictable phrases with you as you read the text again. 
  • Help the children recall which words in the text rhyme with pop. 

Practice rhyming 

  • Produce words that rhyme with pop 
    • Remind the children of the words they played with (hop, top, drop, stop, plop). 
    • Tell them you can think of other words that rhyme with pop (mop, cop, flop). 
    • Ask each child to think of a word that rhymes with pop. 
    • If a child doesn't respond in a few seconds, give him/her an option: 
      • "How about hop? Does hop rhyme with pop?" (Nod your head yes to let the child know that they rhyme)
      • "Do top and pop rhyme?" (Nod your head yes) 

Practice blending and segmenting sounds in words 

  • Tap out sounds in words 
    • Have the children blend individual sounds into words by tapping their head (beginning), and toes (end) then clap to say the whole word (e.g. /p/ tap head, /op/ tap toes = pop clap hands) 
      • /h/ /op/ = hop 
      • /t/ /op/ = top 
      • /dr/ /op/ = drop 
      • /st/ /op/ = stop 
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SEEL Target Texts

Popcorn Pops

Popcorn Pops! 
Popcorn Hops! 
It pop-pop-pops 
Until it stops! 
Popcorn stops! 
Popcorn stops! 
Wait, wait, wait 
And it will POP! 
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