shout out a spout

Shout Out a Spout

Shout Out a Spout
Target text


Rhyme, blend, and segment words that end in out.

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • out
  • pout
  • spout
  • shout
  • snout
  • scout
  • sprout


  • Plastic recyclable water bottles
  • Shout Out a Spout target text*
  • Picture cards*
  • Ribbon (optional)

*Items included below.

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children that they will shout out a spout and that they will play with words that rhyme with spout, such as out, pout, shout, snout, scout, and sprout.

Literacy Activities
Read Shout Out a Spout

  • Display the Shout Out a Spout target text (see below).
  • Read one line at a time and have the children repeat each line after you.
  • Help the children list words from the text that rhyme with spout (e.g., shout, pout, out, scout, snout).

Pretend to go out to shout

  • Read the Shout Out a Spout target text (see below) to the children.
  • Put down tape or a ribbon to designate a side of the room as “inside” and a side as “outside.”
  • Have the children pout when they are inside and let the children shout words that rhyme with out through the spout when they are outside.
  • Let the children who are inside go out to shout and the ones who are outside go in to pout.

Produce and recognize -out rhyming words

  • List -out words and point out the -out endings.
  • Remind the children of words that rhyme with spout (e.g., out, pout, shout).
  • Ask the children to think of words that rhyme with spout and give suggestions (e.g., how about out?).
  • Ask the children if two words rhyme.
  • If the words rhyme (e.g., spout and pout), nod and say, "Spout and pout rhyme,” but if the words don’t rhyme (e.g., spout and cat), say, “Spout and cat don’t rhyme!”

Play a rhyming game

  • Remind the children of words that rhyme with spout (e.g., out, pout).
  • Lay out two picture cards (see below) that rhyme with spout (e.g., snout, sprout) and one picture card that does not rhyme with spout (e.g., cat, ball).
  • Help the children decide which words rhyme with spout.
  • Remove the picture card that does not rhyme with spout.

Blend and segment rhyme words

  • Segment -out rhyming words into initial consonant + ending (e.g., p + out) and ask, “What did I say?”.
  • Segment words into phonemes (e.g., p + ou + t) and ask, “What word did I say?”
  • Review -out words and their sounds (e.g., Look at the word shout. The first sound is /sh/, the final sound is /t/, and the vowel sound in the middle is /ou/.).
  • Help the children sound out -out words (e.g., p + ou + t), and then say the entire word (e.g., pout).
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SEEL Target Texts

Shout Out a Spout

Can you shout out a spout?
You can shout out a spout.
But don’t shout if you are not outside.
Go out to shout out the spout.
Now, shout out the spout!
Shout, “Out! Pout! Scout! Snout! Sprout!”
And don’t pout if you are last to shout out the spout.

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SEEL At Home


Recognize and produce words that rhyme with spout. 

Activity: Shout Out a Spout

  • Help your child make a paper spout by rolling a piece of paper into a cone shape and taping the end in place.
  • Help your child think of words that rhyme with spout (e.g., out, pout, scout, snout, shout, sprout).
  • Go outside and take turns shouting -out rhyming words out of your spout.
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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.