grub cub

Grub Cub
Target text


Recognize words that rhyme with grub (e.g., "Do grub and cub rhyme?") and produce rhyme words (e.g., "Think of a word that rhymes with grub."). 

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • grub
  • shrub
  • cub
  • tub


  • Tape
  • Shrub picture cards (see below) 
  • Grub picture cards (see below) 
  • Cub sack puppet graphic (see below) 
  • Ziplock bag
  • Paper lunch sack (attach the ziplock bag to the inside)
  • Container labeled "Grub Tub" (i.e., cardboard box, bowl) - see below for label

State and model the objective
Tell the children that they will search for grub to feed a cub and hear and say words that rhyme with grub (such as shrub, cub, and tub). 

Practice the skill within an activity

Grub Cub

  • Tape a grub picture card (see below) on the back of each shrub picture card (see below) and hide them around the room, with the shrub side up.
  • Assemble the cub sack puppet (see graphic below) and introduce the puppet as a cub (another name for a baby bear) who likes to eat grubs.
  • Explain to the children that a grub is a type of bug that bears eat and that it can be found in the ground under a shrub or bush.
  • Have the children search the room and chant, “Find a grub under a shrub!”
  • Have the children place the grubs in the tub as they find them and say, “Grub in the tub!”
  • Feed the grubs from the tub to the cub sack puppet and say as a class, “Give the cub a grub!" 
  • Ask the children to name the words used in the activity, that rhyme with grub.

Apply the skill 

Practice rhyming 

  • Produce words that rhyme with grub 
    • Remind the children of the words they played with (grub, shrub, cub) 
    • Tell them you can think of other words that rhyme with grub (rub, tub, nub, scrub). 
    • Ask each child to think of a word that rhymes with grub. 
    • If a child doesn't respond in a few seconds, give him/her an option: 
      • "How about rub? Does rub rhyme with grub?" (Nod your head yes to let the child know that they rhyme)
      • "Do cub and shrub rhyme?" (Nod your head yes) 
  • Recognize rhyming words 
    • Have the children repeat a set of 2 words (e.g. tub, rub). 
    • Ask the children to put their thumbs up if the words rhyme and thumbs down if the words do not rhyme. 
    • Repeat with other sets of words: (e.g., grub, shrub; tub, dog; rub, scrub; cub, cat; nub, stub; hub, ball). 
    • If children do not respond correctly, repeat the 2 words, emphasizing the ending sounds of the words. 

Practice blending and segmenting sounds into words 

  • Tap sounds in words 
    • Have children identify the onset (beginning sound) and rime (the vowel and ending sounds) of words by tapping their head (onset) and their toes (rime) (e.g. cup = /c/ tap head, /ub/ tap toes). Point out that all of the words have the -ub sound at the end. 
      • cub = /c/ /ub/
      • rub = /r/ /ub/
      • shrub = /shr/ /ub/
      • nub = /n / /ub/
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SEEL At Home



Recognize words that rhyme with grub (e.g., "Do grub and cub rhyme?") and produce rhyme words (e.g., "Think of a word that rhymes with grub."). 


  • Cub sack puppet (see below) 
  • Ziplock bag
  • Paper lunch sack (attach the ziplock bag to the inside)
  • Grub picture cards (see below) 

Activity: Grub for Cub

  • Have your child make his or her own cub by coloring the puppet (see below), cutting out his face and body and gluing the parts to a paper lunch sack.
  • Hide the grub picture cards (see below) around the house and search for them with your child chanting, “Find a grub for the cub.”
  • Pretend to feed the grub to the cub and chant together, “Give the cub a grub! The cub loves grubs!”
  • Repeat the game as desired, taking turns hiding and finding the grub picture cards.
  • With your child, think of other words that rhyme with grub and decide if they are something that the cub would or would not eat (e.g., tub, sub).


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