Track the Bear Tracks


Recognize words that rhyme with track (e.g., "Do track and snack rhyme?") and produce rhyme words (e.g., "Think of a word that rhymes with track."). 

Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • track
  • snack
  • sack
  • crack
  • pack
  • back


  • Letter from Bear text
  • Bear track graphics
  • Can You See a Bear Track? chant
  • Five sacks
  • Clues
  • Snacks that crack (e.g., crackers or pretzels)
  • Message from Bear text
  • Snack and sack graphics

The children will follow tracks and look for a sack as they recognize and produce words that rhyme with track, such as pack, snack, tack, and rack.

Literacy Activities
Bear Tracks

  • Place the bear track graphics in a path around the room. 
  • Put a clue in four of the sacks and place the sacks along the path of tracks.  
  • Put the Message from Bear text and some snacks that crack (or snack graphics) in the last sack and hide the sack at the end of the track. 
  • Read the Letter from Bear text to the children and invite them to follow the bear tracks and look for a snack sack. 
  • Teach the children the Can You See a Bear Track? chant by saying each line and having the children echo. 
  • Lead the children in following the bear tracks and chanting the Can You See a Bear Track? chant. 
  • As each sack is discovered, have the children look inside to see if it is the snack sack. 
  • If it is not the snack sack, read the clue in the sack out loud to the children, then ask them which words in the clue rhyme with track (e.g., snack, sack, back).
  • When the snack sack is found, read the Message from Bear text to the children.
  • Give the children some of the snacks from the sack and allow them to crack the snack and eat it.

More Practice
Produce words that rhyme with track

  • Remind the children of the words they played with (track, snack, sack).
  • Ask each child to think of a word that rhymes with track (support as needed).

Recognize rhyming words

  • Invite the children to stand in a circle.
  • Ask the children to listen for the words that rhyme with track as you lead them in chanting the Can You See a Bear Track? chant.
  • Repeat the chant and have the children clap when they say the words that rhyme with track (e.g., track, snack, sack).
  • Repeat the chant again, having the children clap at the words that rhyme with track as they march along the tracks around the room.

SEEL Target Texts

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A Letter From Bear

Dear Friends,
If you want a snack, follow my tracks. If you find a sack, look inside for a snack! The snack sack will be waiting for you somewhere along my tracks. Have fun as you crack the snack! 

A Message from Bear

Dear Friends, 
Good job! You followed my tracks. You found the snack sack. Enjoy making this snack crack! 

Can You See a Bear Track? chant

(An echo chant) 
Can you see a bear track?
   (Can you see a bear track?)
Track, track, track, track
   (Track, track, track, track)
Follow each bear track
   (Follow each bear track)
To find a snack sack!
   (To find a snack sack!)


SEEL At Home

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Recognize and produce words that rhyme with track.  


  • Bear track graphics
  • Letter from Bear (write your child's name after "Dear")
  • Follow the Bear Tracks chant
  • Sack
  • A snack that can crack

Activity: Track the Bear Tracks

  • Make a trail with the bear track graphics around your home.
  • Read the Letter from Bear to your child and ask if he or she heard any words that rhyme with track (e.g., snack, sack).
  • Have your child chant the Follow the Bear Tracks chant with you as he or she follows the tracks.
  • When you reach the end of the tracks, have your child locate the sack and open it to find the snack.
  • Take turns cracking and eating a snack and saying words that rhyme with track (e.g., crack, snack, pack, back).

Bear tracks and bear letter


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CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.K.2.A: Recognize and produce rhyming words.

CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.K.1: Demonstrate understanding of the organization and basic feature of print.