Jake and His Cake


Recognize words that rhyme with Jake (e.g., "Do cake and Jake rhyme?") and produce rhyme words (e.g., "Think of a word that rhymes with cake."). 

Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • Jake
  • cake
  • bake
  • take
  • make
  • lake


  • Blue blanket or paper
  • Cake (real or drawing) 
  • "Jake" name tag
  • Mixing spoon and bowl
  • Cake graphic
  • Plate
  • Chef's hat (optional)

The children will pretend to take a cake to a lake and practice saying words that rhyme with cake, such as bake, make, take, and lake.

Literacy Activities
Jake's Cake

  • Choose a child to play the role of Jake and wear the "Jake" name tag.
  • Tell and have the children act out the story below.
  • Repeat the story as many times as desired, allowing other children to play the role of Jake. 
  • After the story, help the children recall what words from the story they noticed rhyme with cake


Say: Discussion/Do:
Here is Jake. He is sleeping. We must wake Jake. Wake up. Jake, wake up. Have children try to wake up Jake.
Jake is awake! Now we want Jake to make us cake. We want a cake to take. Jake, please make a cake for us to take to the lake. Have children beg Jake to make a cake saying, "Make a cake, Jake!" Allow Jake to use the mixing bowl and spoon to pretend to make a cake. Have him put on the chef's hat (optional).
Jake will bake a cake. Jake will bake a cake to take. Jake will bake a cake to take to the lake. Have children cheer for Jake as he pretends to put the cake in an imaginary oven.
Oh, Jake did make a cake! It is a great cake. Jake did bake and make a cake for us to take to the lake. Show the cake or picture of the cake. 
We will take Jake's cake to the lake. We will eat the cake with Jake at the lake. Yum! Jake can bake a really great cake.  Have children pretend to eat cake, or give them some cake to enjoy. 

Take the cake across the lake

  • Spread out the blue blanket in the middle of the room and have the children make two lines across the lake from each other. 
  • Ask a child to tell you a word that rhymes with cake (support as needed), so they can cross the lake with the cake graphic on a plate. 
  • Encourage the other children to chant “Take the cake!” as their classmate carries the cake across the lake. 
  • Once the child has crossed the lake, have him or her hand the plate to the next child, and go to the end of that line.
  • Repeat, allowing all the children to say a word that rhymes with cake, then take the fake cake and cross the lake. 

More Practice
Recognize rhyming words 

  • Have the children repeat a set of two words (e.g., cake, make)
  • Ask the children to show you thumbs up if the words rhyme and thumbs down if the words do not rhyme.
  • Repeat with other sets of words: (e.g., Jake, bake; fake, lake; rake, horse; sake, wake; stake, quake; flake, truck).


SEEL At Home

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Recognize and produce words that rhyme with cake


  • Things to make a cake (real or pretend)
  • Blue blanket (optional) 

Activity: Jake and His Cake

  • Make a real or pretend cake with your child.
  • Encourage your child to use words that rhyme with cake as you play (e.g., "Let’s make and bake a cake, Jake!" "Let’s take the cake out of the oven.").
  • When your cake is finished, take your cake to the pretend lake (blanket spread on floor–optional) and enjoy eating it. 
  • Have your child tell you how to make and take a cake to the lake, using as many words that rhyme with cake as possible.


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CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.K.2.A: Recognize and produce rhyming words.