Feed the Ram


Recognize (e.g., do ram and bam rhyme?) and produce (e.g., think of a word that rhymes with ram) words that rhyme with ram.

Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • ram
  • jam
  • ham
  • yam
  • clam
  • scram
  • bam


  • Picture of a ram (see below) on a poster board (cut a hole where the mouth should be that is big enough for the picture cards to pass through)
  • Plastic bag (stapled behind the ram's mouth to catch the picture cards)
  • Feed the Ram song (see below)
  • Picture cards (see below)

State and model the objective
Tell the children they will feed a ram food that rhymes with ram (ham, jam, yam, clam) and play games with -am words.

Practice the skill within an activity

Feed the ram words that rhyme with ram.

  • Show the children the picture of a ram (see below) and explain that a ram is a boy sheep.
  • Tell the children that this ram likes to eat foods that rhyme with ram.
  • Sing the Feed the Ram song (see below), as you show the children the matching picture cards.
  • Sing the song again (as many times as necessary) and let each child take a turn putting one of the picture cards into the ram's mouth.

Play a "Scram!" game.

  • Identify the pictures of a clam, jam, ham, yam, and ram (see below) and place them where the children can see them.
  • Explain to the children that "scram" means to run away quickly.
  • Model for the children how to "scram", and have a few children show how they can "scram".
  • Have the children sit down in a line where they can see the picture cards but they are far enough away that they can "scram" to the pictures.
  • Tell the children they will each get a turn to scram to a picture card that rhymes with ram.
  • Have one child stand up, and whisper in their ear "Scram to the yam." 
    • If the child does not immediately scram to the yam, repeat the phrase and help them scram to the appropriate picture.
  • Ask the children, "Where did he/she scram?" and help the children answer, "To the yam!"
  • Repeat, changing the word for each child until all the children have had a chance to scram.
  • Invite the children to take turns identifying that rhyme with ram from the activity, and invite them to think of more words that rhyme with ram, supporting as needed.

Play a "Bam!" game.

  • Make several copies of the picture cards (see below) and cut them into separate pictures.
  • Have the children sit in a circle, and place the cards in the middle of the circle.
  • Tell the children that as you turn over the cards one at a time, they need to say the name of the picture.
  • Explain that when a picture that rhymes with ram is turned over, they need to slap their hand on the ground and say, "Bam!"

Apply the skill

Practice rhyming

  • Produce words that rhyme with ram
  • Remind the children of the words they played with (ram, ham, yam, clam, jam, scram, bam).
  • Tell them you can think of other words that rhyme with ram (bam, lamb, cram).
  • Ask each child to think of a word that rhymes with ram.
  • If a child doesn't respond in a few seconds, give him/her an option:
    • "How about jam? Does jam rhyme with ram?" (Nod your head yes to let the child know that they rhyme.)
    • "Do ham and yam rhyme?" (Nod your head yes.)

Recognize words that do and do not rhyme using pictures (see below).

  • Lay out two pictures of words that rhyme with ram (e.g., ram, lamb) and one picture that does rhyme with ram (e.g., boat).
  • State all possible word pairs and let the children help you identify the picture that does not rhyme. Remove the picture that does not rhyme with ram.
  • Repeat with other sets of pictures:
    • clam, cat, ham
    • bird, jam, yam
    • ram, ham, flowers
    • clam, rock, yam
    • toast, lamb, jam

SEEL Target Texts

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Feed the Ram

This is a big ram who likes to eat ham.
I don't know why he likes to eat ham.
Feed the ram ham.
This is a big ram who likes to eat a yam.
I don't know why he likes to eat a yam.
Feed the ram a yam.
This is a big ram who likes to eat a clam.
I don't know why he likes to eat a clam.
Feed the ram a clam.
This is a big ram who likes to eat jam.
I don't know why he likes to eat jam.
Feed the ram jam.



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CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.K.2.A: Recognize and produce rhyming words.

CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.K.1: Demonstrate understanding of the organization and basic feature of print.