The Trash Goes Crash


Recognize words that rhyme with trash (e.g., "Do trash and crash rhyme?") and produce rhyme words (e.g., "Think of a word that rhymes with trash.").

Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • trash
  • bash
  • crash
  • clash
  • smash


  • Plastic grocery bags
  • Aluminum pie tins
  • Metal trash without sharp edges
  • Books about trash, recycling, or cleaning up a messy room (optional)
  • Crash the Trash target text (see below)

The children will make trash go crash as they recognize words that rhyme with trash, such as crash, bash, clash, and smash.

Practice the skill within an activity 

  • Before the activity, spread the metal trash around the activity area.
  • Give each child a plastic grocery bag, and ask them to gather up the metal trash in their bag.
  • Encourage the children to say, "Crash!", “Clash!”, and “Bash!” as the trash crashes when they put it in their trash bag.
  • Once all the trash is stashed in bags, lead the children in smashing, crashing, bashing, and clashing the trash.
    • The children can smash the trash up high.
    • The children can crash the trash down low.
    • The children can bash  the trash fast.
    • The children can smash the trash slow.
    • The children can clash their trash against their neighbor’s trash.
  • Encourage the children to say words that rhyme with trash, such as smash, crash, and bash ,as they smash the metal objects together.

Apply the skill
Recognize target words in text

  • Display the target text Clash the Trash (see below) large enough for children to see.
  • While reading the Clash the Trash text with the children, encourage the children to smash and crash their trash when they hear a word that rhymes with trash.

Review the rhyme words

  • Remind the children of the words they have heard that rhyme with trash (e.g., smash, bash, trash, clash).
  • Say the words again, allowing the children to smash their trash together as they echo the rhyming words back to you.
  • Ask the children to think of a word that rhymes with trash to say out loud (support as needed), and allow the other children to echo back the word as they smash their trash.

SEEL Target Texts

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Clash the Trash!

Clash! Clash!
Some trash goes ‘clash!’
Crash! Crash!
Some trash goes ‘crash!’
Some trash goes ‘crash’ and ‘clash’ when you bash it together.
Can you make trash go ‘clash?’
Can you make it crash? Can you bash it together?
Bash the trash to make it go ‘crash’ and ‘clash!’

SEEL At Home

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Recognize and produce words that rhyme with trash.


  • Plastic grocery bag
  • Metal trash and cooking utensils without sharp edges

Activity: The Trash Goes Crash!

  • Help your child find metal objects to use as trash and put the objects in the grocery bag so they can smash and bash the trash to make it crash and clash.
  • Invite your child to make the trash crash fast, slow, high, and low.
  • Throughout the activity, encourage your child to use words that rhyme with trash by asking questions such as, “What did you do to the trash? What sound did the trash make?”
  • Encourage your child to smash the trash when they hear a word that rhymes with trash.


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CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.K.2.A: Recognize and produce rhyming words.