Sweet Treat
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Recognize words that rhyme with treat (e.g., "Do sweet and treat rhyme?") and produce rhyme words (e.g., "Think of a word that rhymes with treat.").

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Lesson Plan

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Target Words:

  • eat
  • feet
  • seat
  • neat
  • treat
  • sweet


  • Sweet treats

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children that they will enjoy a sweet treat as they practice saying words that rhyme with treat, such as seat, feet, and sweet.

Literacy Activities
Take a seat and get a treat

  • Have all of the children stand up while you say the words sweet and treat and then point out that thee two words rhyme.
  • Tell the children to take a seat if they want a treat.
  • Wait until the children all sit down and then give each child a treat to eat.
  • Have the children partner up with another child nearby. 
  • As each child is handed his or her treat, have the other children say, "(Name of child) will eat a sweet treat!"
  • As the children eat their sweet treats, use words that rhyme with treat to talk about the activity, like:
    • "What kind of sweet treat would you like to eat?"
    • "Be neat while you eat your sweet treat."
    • "Don't let the sweet treat fall on your feet!"
  • When they have finished eating their treats, help them think of words that rhyme with treat (e.g., seat, treat, sweet, neat, eat, feet).

Treat guessing game

  • Give each child a piece of paper and have them draw a picture of their favorite treat to eat, suggesting it could be meat, or wheat, or something sweet.
  • When their drawings are finished, have the children turn their pictures facedown so you can try to guess their favorite treat.
  • Choose a child and ask two questions that include words that rhyme with treat to see if you can guess the treat they drew:
    • "Is your favorite treat made of meat?"
    • "Is your favorite treat made with wheat?"
    • "Is your favorite treat something sweet?"
  • When you have asked the questions, have the child say, "The treat that I love to eat is ____," telling you what treat they drew.
  • Review with the children the words that rhyme with treat from the activity: treat, meat, sweet, and eat.

More Practice
Produce words that rhyme with treat

  • Remind the children of the words they played with that rhyme with treat (wheatsweet, eat, meat).
  • Ask each child to think of another word that rhymes with treat (support as needed)
  • Let the children take turns telling you their word as they tap a slow beat with their feet. 

March to the beat

  • Have the children march in place as they say the beginning and ending sound of the word treat, then blend the parts to make a word:
    • Say, "/tr/" (march right foot), say, "/eat/" (march foot left), and then blend the sounds and say, "Treat" (jump with both feet).
  • Repeat the marching activity with other words that rhyme with treat (e.g., beat, meat, feet, neat, seat)

SEEL At Home

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Recognize words that rhyme with treat.


  • A sweet treat 
  • Stuffed animal toys (optional)

Activity: Sweet Treat

  • Have your child pass out a sweet treat to one or more family members (or stuffed animal toys).
  • As your child passes each person a sweet treat, have your child say, "___ will eat a sweet treat."
  • Ask your child questions about the treat such as,
    • "Did you like the sweet treat?" 
    • "Was it made with wheat?" 
    • "Was it made with meat?" 
    • "Did you drop any treat on your feet?"
  • Let each family member take a turn saying a word that rhymes with treat, such as sweet, wheat, meat, and feet, until they run out of words.


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1. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.K.2.A: Recognize and produce rhyming words.