Yell for the Bell

Yell for the Bell
Target text


Recognize words that rhyme with yell (e.g., “Do yell and bell rhyme?”) and produce rhyme words (e.g., “Think of a word that rhymes with yell.”)

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • gel
  • bell
  • yell
  • sell
  • tell
  • well


  • Bell or bell graphic* 
  • Blindfold

*Item included below.

State and Model the Objective
Tell the children that they will yell and search for a bell as they recognize and produce words that rhyme with yell, such as bell, fell, sell, and well

Literacy Activities
Tell, tell, who has the bell?

  • While sitting in a circle, choose one child to blindfolded and stand in the middle of the circle.
  • Give the bell or bell graphic (see below) to a different child, let them ring the bell, then hide it under his or her legs.  
  • When the child in the middle hears the bell, un-blindfold him or her while all the other children yell (chant) together, “Tell, tell, who has the bell?” 
  • Let the child in the middle guess who has the bell based on where he or she heard the sound. 
  • Once the bell is found, have everyone yell, “You found the bell. All is well!” 
  • Repeat the game, changing who is blindfolded and who has the bell. 

Pass the bell and tell a rhyme

  • Help the children think of several words that rhyme with bell, such as gel, tell, smell, sell, and well.
  • Have the children sit in a circle and tell them that they can ring the bell after they tell you a word that rhymes with bell.
  • Pick a child to start the game, and invite the children to say, “Tell, tell, what rhymes with bell?”
  • Help the child who has the bell think of a rhyming word to say, then let him or her ring the bell.
  • Continue around the circle, helping each child to think of a word that rhymes with bell


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SEEL At Home


Recognize and produce words that rhyme with yell.

  • Bell
  • Picture cards*

*Items included below

Activity: Bell Memory Game

  • Lay out the picture cards on a flat surface. 
  • Help your child identify all of the picture cards before beginning to play the Bell Memory Game.
  • Mix up the picture cards and lay them face down in columns and rows. 
  • Take turns turning two cards over to see if they match. 
  • When you find a match, yell, “I found a matching ___ (e.g., bell)!” and let your child ring a bell (or make a bell ring on your cell phone).
  • When all the matches have been found, play the game again but take turns thinking of a new word that rhymes with bell each time you turn over a card.

Picture Cards

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