Target text


Recognize words that rhyme with dress (e.g., "Do dress and Bess rhyme?") and produce rhyme words (e.g., "Think of a word that rhymes with dress.").

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • dress
  • mess
  • guess


  • Paper dress

The children will make a mess on a paper dress as they recognize and produce words that rhyme with dress, such as guess, mess, press, and less

Literacy Activities
Guess who made the dress a mess

  • Choose one child to be a guess maker who closes his or her eyes while you have another child quietly make a mess on a paper dress by drawing on it.
  • Once the mess maker has made a mess on the dress, have the guess maker open his or her eyes.
  • Have the rest of the children chant, “Guess, guess who made the dress a mess,” as the guess maker makes a guess. 
  • Repeat as many times as desired by having other children be the guess maker and mess maker.
  • Point out that dress, guess, and mess all rhyme, and have the children repeat pairs that rhyme (e.g., dress, guess; dress, mess; dress, Bess; dress, yes).

More Practice
Read a rhyming text

  • Read the A Mess on a Dress target text to the children.
  • Have the children hold up a paper dress when they hear a word that rhymes with dress.
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SEEL Target Texts

A Mess on a Dress

Bess had a dress.
Bess had a mess on her dress.
Can you guess who helped clean up the mess?
Did Bess's mom clean up the mess on the dress?
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SEEL At Home


Recognize and produce words that rhyme with mess

  • Paper dress 
  • Pencils or crayons 

Activity: Guess the Mess on the Dress

  • Have your child close his or her eyes while you draw something on the paper dress.   
  • Ask your child to open his or her eyes and guess what the mess on the dress is by saying “Guess, guess! What is the mess on the dress?” 
  • Once your child has guessed the mess correctly, switch roles, and repeat as many times as desired.
  • Ask your child what words that rhyme with mess were used in the activity, and write the words on the back of the dress. 
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SEEL lessons align with Common Core Standards. Please see the standards page for the code(s) associated with this lesson.