make a pig wig

Make a Pig Wig

Target text


Recognize words that rhyme with pig (e.g., "Do pig and wig rhyme?") and produce rhyme words (e.g., "Think of a word that rhymes with pig.").

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • pig
  • big
  • wig
  • jig


  • Pig plush toy or pig puppet
  • Small pig graphics
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Yarn

The children will make Pig a wig as they recognize and produce words that rhyme with pig, such as big, wig, and jig.
Literacy Activity

  • If making a puppet, use the following instructions:
    • Attach the pig graphic (see below) to a Popsicle stick.
    • Choose a child to loosely wrap yarn several times around their hands as the rest of the children chant, “Pig wig! Pig wig!”  
    • Take the looped yarn off the child’s hand, and tie a smaller length of yarn perpendicular to the the looped yarn, like a bow tie. 
    • Cut the looped ends of the yarn to make a wig.
    • For video directions on making the wig, watch this instructional video and leave out steps 6–8.
  • Put the wig on the pig puppet or plush toy, and have the children do a jig with the pig, chanting “Jig with Pig! Jig with Pig!”
  • During the jig, have the pig lose its wig then say, “Oh no! Pig lost his wig!” 
  • Choose another child and repeat the steps to make another pig wig, but this time starting from their hand to their elbow, while the children chant, “Big pig wig! Big pig wig!”
  • Have the children do a jig with Pig again, chanting, “Jig with Pig! Jig with Pig!” and this time, when the pig loses its wig say, “Oh no! Pig lost his big wig!” 

More Practice

  • Give the children different word pairs, and then ask them if the words rhyme. 
  • Use some rhyme words and some words that don’t rhyme (e.g., say, “Pig and wig rhyme. Do big and wig rhyme?” “Pig and wig rhyme. Do pig and cat rhyme?”) 
  • Give each child a small pig graphic and a Popsicle stick. 
  • Have the children make their own pig puppets and make yarn wigs for them.
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SEEL At Home


Recognize and produce words that rhyme with pig.

  • Pig wig 
  • Pig puppet
  • Music (optional) 

Activity: Do a Pig Wig Jig 

  • Cut out the graphics and put the wig on the pig with tape or glue.  
  • Think of different dance moves you can do as you jig with your child. 
  • Turn on music (optional), and take turns holding the pig while you both do the jig. 
  • As you jig, say phrases about the pig and your jig using different rhyming words (e.g., The pig in a wig does a jig!). 
  • When done with the jig, practice identifying rhyme pairs with your child. 
  • Tell your child two words and ask if the two words rhyme (e.g., pig and wig or pig and foot).  
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