Blow the Snow

Blow the Snow
Target text


Recognize words that rhyme with snow (e.g., “Do snow and go rhyme?”) and produce rhyme words (e.g., “Think of a word that rhymes with snow.”).

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Lesson Plan

Target Words:

  • go
  • tow
  • snow 
  • blow
  • slow 
  • throw


  • Cotton balls
  • Tape

State and Model the Objective  
Tell the children that they will pretend to blow on snow as they recognize and produce words that rhyme with snow, such as blow, throw, go, and toe.

Literacy Activities 
Blow the Snow

  • Mark the start and finish of a racing area with two tape lines—one labelled “Go” and one labelled “Slow.”
  • Give each child a snowball (cotton ball).
  • Divide the children into three or four teams and have the teams line up behind the “Go” sign. 
  • Have the first child on each team set their snowball on the “Go” sign and blow it to the “Slow” sign. 
  • When the first child’s snowball reaches the “Slow” sign, the second child will begin blowing their snowball, then the third, etc. 
  • Meanwhile, lead the children in the following chant: “Go, go, go! Blow the snow!”  
  • The first team to get all their snow to the “Slow” sign wins.

More Practice
Produce rhyming words

  • Help the children recall words that rhyme with snow that they heard throughout the activity (e.g., go, slow, snow, blow).
  • Invite the children to think of more rhyming words (e.g., mow, crow, dough).
  • Let the children take turns throwing a “snowball” at a selected target as they say a word that rhymes with snow (support as needed).
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SEEL At Home



Recognize and produce words that rhyme with snow


  • Cotton balls

Activity: Blow and Throw Snow 

  • Have a race with your child as you blow the snow (cotton balls) across an area. 
  • As you race with your child, say phrases that include words that rhyme with snow (e.g., “Blow the snow really slow!” or “Look at you go! Blow, blow, blow!”). 
  • When you have finished playing, toss a snowball back and forth while helping your child think of words that rhyme with snow (e.g., show, throw, toe, go).
  • Repeat as many times as desired.
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